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22 23 Sep22388 PlanningYour DreamWedding A wedding: its something that people dream of, with many planning their ideal wedding from childhood. Whether it’s a traditional, romantic day or something a little different, Denise More and her fabulous wedding planning company, Denise More – Weddings with Attitude, can help you design your day without any stress. As such, Denise has earned the title of Best Wedding Planner & Stylist 2022 (Rome): Denise More. Denise More is one of Rome’s most successful wedding planners. Her passion for creativity has led her down numerous paths, including a stint at the leading advertising agency, Ogilvy, which Denise describes as ‘a unique experience.’ However, whilst the advertising world promised beauty and glamour, it was event planning that truly had Denise’s heart. The leap to Wedding Planner was therefore natural and it fit Denise perfectly. Over the years, she has worked with couples from Italy and overseas, with these couples having one thing in common – a desire to defy convention. Elegance, style, and professionalism are the cornerstones upon which Denise bases her work, and of course, quality is infused within every aspect of the planning process. Denise More – Weddings with Attitude delivers luxury weddings, with its underlying mission being to produce bespoke events that exude character and attention to design. Indeed, the company blends a refined, tailor-made aesthetic with an exceptional emphasis on stylistic detail and the couple’s wishes. This then ties into Denise’s approach, which is both organised and professional whilst remaining empathetic and sincere. Every wedding she works on brings her joy and excitement; Denise’s enthusiasm runs deep through the company. Consequently, at Denise More – Weddings with Attitude, client-centricity comes first, as Denise understands just how important the special day is. There is a particular aim to alleviate the couples from stress, especially during to the lead up to the wedding, allowing the couple to focus on enjoying their day. As a member of both The Wedding Planner Club and Italia Wedding Society, Denise and the company are held to a high standard, and it certifies the professionalism of the company. Moreover, Denise More – Weddings with Attitude has been featured in several popular publications. Denise’s work can be found in esteemed Italian and foreign magazines and blogs such as Elle Spose, Sposi Magazine, Cake and Lace, and 5 Star Wedding. Of course, this praise and recognition isn’t shocking – Denise has worked incredibly hard to push her work to an outstanding level. This is something that is greatly reflected in the client testimonials. For example, translated from Italian, one customer comments, ‘Denise made our wedding just perfect! She understood our wishes from the very first meeting and recommended top quality suppliers to us. All the compliments we received from our wedding guests confirmed Denise's skill and professionalism!’ Left with a five-star rating, this review truly captures the heart of Denise’s work, emphasising just how important her knowledge and experience is. Contact: Denise More Company: Denise More – Weddings with Attitude Web Address: Sep22108 The Luxury in Sustainability Where peacocks and local birds frolic around in the garden all day long; the Best Luxury Homestay of 2022 in India is a historical, beautiful location that maintains said beauty by focusing on sustainability above all things. The Dev Shree property is a unique location that entices guests across India and beyond. Steeped in local history, culture, and artistry, Dev Shree is a ten-room family residence where guests receive a rural life experience – all whilst living in a luxurious family residence. Situated between the cities of Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Udaipur – and a three-hour drive from Bera forest leopard reserve and Ranthambhore tiger forest reserve – it sits on a lakeside that provides the most serene surroundings for a quiet break. Though the family also has a Palace Hotel in Deogarh, it built the property to be different – and offer a personalised approach with topend facilities. So, when Dev Shree was constructed in 2015, the family ensured that even the materials and the craftsmen employed were all locally sourced. All of its staff are locals, with 50% of its working staff being women who are employed and trained to provide, and remain in touch with the local community. As well as to provide high-quality service that ensures guests want for nothing. Whether guests are catching the sun in the open-air courtyard, relaxing in the lakeside pool, eating with the family in the spacious dining hall, or retiring to their luxurious suite, they will enjoy themselves with intimate comfort. The erstwhile family of Deogarh – who established the village in 1670 AD and whose descendants operate the property –feels responsible towards its people and the need to be exemplary citizens of society. As such, all efforts are made to be sustainable. Its farms and home garden provide for Dev Shree’s kitchen, the family dairy provides the A2 milk, and then the kitchen waste is recycled for use in the garden. It doesn’t even use plastic bottles; not only is water served in glass bottles but rainwater is also harvested and directed to the wells on the property. This approach to sustainability is also why it established the ‘Dev Shree Trust’, which supports about 10,000 children in local Govt Schools. Here, it helps people with school furniture, footwear, stationery, sweaters, and more. It has received a lot of help from our guests, friends, and family. It often receives guests from overseas – UK, Europe, USA, and Australia – but during Covid, it received a large influx of interest from local guests for weddings, birthdays, and other events. Thus, it survived the period with minimal disruption. Following on, the business is about to face the next stage in its journey. The property was initially a seven-bedroom estate, but by the requests of many long-staying guests and families, it expanded with three large, interconnected rooms. In addition, it successfully retained its staff through the pandemic, and its top-level service did not waver for anyone. The Dev Shree property is a gorgeous setup in a stunning location, a hotel with the undeniable feel of a family home. From the frolicking birds to the view of the lake by the pool, everything is both striking yet comfortable, providing the perfect locale for a relaxing stay away. Contact: Shatrunjai Singh Chundawat & Bhavna Kumari Company: Dev Shree, Deogarh Web Address: