Winter 2022

24 25 Aug22320 Making Thoughtful Gifting Simple and Sustainable Gift catering service, Wonderkind, curates one-of-a-kind gift sets for every occasion. Based in Ontario, the company promotes the circular economy by working with Canadian small businesses to provide ecoconscious gifts to treasure. Wonderkind is our Most Innovative eCommerce Gifting Platform – Canada. Aug22179 Skincare In Its Most Pure Form Finding reliable and effective skincare products can be a mission in itself. However, designed to take care of the mind, body, and skin, awardwinning Rinascentia® was crafted to prioritise wellbeing. Here we look to its Founder, Rina Timpano, as it wins Most Innovative Luxury Skincare Brand – NSW. Inspired by her grandmother, Rina Timpano has created a brand that reflects rebirth, rejuvenation, and revolutionary discoveries. Rina’s grandmother, Teresa, travelled to Australia and made a living by selling AVON products – and this is what encouraged Rina herself. Heading out into the wide world of business, Rina went on the route to success “The Italian Way” – encouraged by her family traditions. Urged to find her niche in the beauty industry, Rina stayed close to her roots and followed in her grandmother’s footsteps in doing so. Rina believes that “beauty, just like real fashion, transcends time and age”, and she is an advocate for intricate design, pure ingredients, and passionate marketing. By truly believing in her business endeavours, and what she does for others in the process, demonstrates her resilience and desire towards making genuine and natural products. Motivated by her mother’s support throughout her life, Rina expresses her appreciation, “She is the biggest influence, mentor, and teacher in my life and I am grateful to her every day. She passed away two and a half years ago but left a legacy for us.” As a “good Italian family, we all worked in the business,” adds Rina. Her mother was a “proud and dignified woman” who always chased her dreams – and she taught Rina to do the same. Rina’s mother used her strong business mind and was always proud to say, “I did it my way.” She went against the grain to achieve all she wanted – despite any unwarranted words of warning – and it greatly paid off. Rina holds her mother’s saying close to her heart, and put her all into everything that she does. Rinascentia®’s mission is to “promote self-expression and ageless beauty – far from the typical standards of the make-up industry,” and it fulfils this on a daily basis. The brand itself is tied to nature through its ingredients and its wishes to improve the natural wellbeing of all customers. Rina has extensive knowledge for beauty and wellness and she leads Rinascentia® with a level head and open heart. This is so that customers can feel confident that they – and their children – have the best chance at leading a healthy life, by having access to natural and gentle products. By giving people this chance to “reach their highest potential”, Rinascentia® has spread its wings and proved its compassion throughout. Its main pillars are positivity, giving, integrity, and passion. It is this enthusiasm for natural skincare and haircare products that propels Rinascentia® forward, every day. From shave cream to moisturising cream, and a combination of both, anti-fatigue serum to eye cream, and much more, Rinascentia® provides all kinds of skin protection and repair products that make a huge difference in the health and wellbeing of its customers. We can search by bestselling items, type of products, or for each skin concern – such as acne, ageing, sun care, rosacea, and dullness or pigmentation. This allows us to explore a wide variety of products but also pinpoint products that are exactly suited to our needs. Offering mood enhancing products as well as skin and hair enhancing solutions, Rinascentia® demonstrates its passion for mental wellbeing. The body and mind go hand in hand, and Rina is always looking for new ways to get this across in her business journey. Using ingredients directly taken from fruit or vegetables, minerals, and more, Rinascentia® nourishes and sooths skin – for the best results imaginable. It is clear to see why it has won this prestigious accolade. Winning Most Innovative Luxury Skincare Brand – NSW, Rinascentia® has truly become one to watch in the industry. It will continue to provide innovative, revolutionary, and entirely luxurious products for people everywhere. Contact: Rina Timpano Company: Rinascentia® Web Address: In 2019, with a shared vision to build a Canadian gift-giving company, Shawna Pereira and Tara Cochrane founded Wonderkind. Combining over 15 years of experience in arts and production, the pair designed the company to highlight and support women-owned businesses and artisans and provide thoughtful gifting experiences. Today Wonderkind works with over 100 small businesses across Canada. Providing gifts for every occasion, Wonderkind provides its services to corporate clients. These include financial institutions, media providers, realtors, concierge services, promotional partners, and recruitment agencies. Featuring Canadian-made products, Wonderkind gifting also supports charitable partners; Opportunity International Canada, Second Harvest Food Rescue and Dress For Success Toronto. Creating a bridge between clients and Canadian small businesses/ artisans, Wonderkind simplifies gifting. The company saves time for its customers so they can give in a meaningful way. Tara tells us more, “It‘s our mission to redefine corporate and event gifting. We curate our gift sets with care. They include handmade goods and food products that we’ve sourced from across the country. We strive to be eco-conscious too. Our Wonderkind signature wood boxes are reusable. We supply recyclable craft boxes and we don’t use cellophane. We design gifts as keepsakes, to be memorable. Not to end up in a landfill.” Customers of the brand are thoughtful, social-conscious consumers, in search of Canadian-made products. They are motivated to support small businesses and to give back. Tara explains, “Our clientele includes busy professionals and corporate clients. They value handmade and unique products but may not have the time to shop and curate gift packages themselves.” To help you find the perfect gift, Wonderkind launched its digital interactive quiz. Completed by the gift giver or receiver, the quiz features a series of questions designed to identify personal preferences. This unique selling point helps the company offer convenience, care and attention in one easy-to-use package. Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, Shawna and Tara were saddened by its impact on artisanal and small business communities. And it’s strengthened their resolve to provide support. Tara says, “Operating a small business through a pandemic was challenging. Seeing other small businesses close or downsize was heart-breaking. It’s emphasised why we need to support one another.” At the moment Wonderkind, along with many small businesses, is being challenged by inflation. There are fears that rising costs may deter some consumers who will find cheaper, lower-quality products elsewhere. But with overseas products and materials experiencing shipping delays, Wonderkind has one advantage, “Our shipping times! We can get our Canadian-made products to our customers through direct relationships with our amazing vendors. With many companies facing ongoing delays we are fortunate to have our products produced and available here at home.” Web Address: