Winter 2022

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 35 34 Winter 2022 Jul22336 As one of the world’s most exemplary luxury fashion, footwear and accessories brands, Kaya Capriole is a UK based company making a name for itself with its ethical and front-running approach to its industry. In a world where fast fashion is the norm, creating tonnes of landfill, mega tonnes of environmentally harmful waste products – and a seriously mistreated labour force in several regions – Kaya Capriole strives to be a true pacesetter in the industry, showing consumers and peers alike that there are better options. individually specific shoes unlike anything else on the market, perfectly in line with client specifications. This is something it has gained renown for both amongst celebrities and in the high-end wedding market. With its accessories having been worn in many star-studded arenas including the glittering Beverly Hills, Kaya Capriole’s clients are typically powerful women who are after something a little different when it comes to their wardrobe for various events. Its ethical, enthusiastic, and ever-efficient ways of working have endeared it to all elements of this market segment as a result. Additionally, it aims its shoes at anyone who appreciates fashion. Allowing clients to wear them proudly, becoming as much a part of the slow fashion movement as the companies who sell the products, it is happy to say that slow fashion has become more of a community than just a market segment, and is looking forward to seeing what this becomes in the future. The shoes a client wears, after all, should be a pinnacle of the outfit; Kaya Capriole doesn’t believe an outfit stops at the ankles, instead wanting to promote an appreciation for shoes as not just a tie-together, but a statement that a whole ensemble can be based around in order to evoke certain aesthetics. Notably, Kaya Capriole’s beautiful wood leather sandals do just this, being so unique that anyone would be in awe at the beauty of them. With the leather made out of sustainable wood, the sandal has the most epic texture made up of tiny hexagonal patterns interlinking one another to create the flexibility required to form the shoes, making them soft, supple, velvety, and luxurious. Beautifully designed, these sandals are feminine with elegant lines and come in three beautiful colours of black, fuchsia, and natural. Then there are the company’s killer pumps designed to make a statement and turn heads. They come in red, plum, emerald, navy, black and creole pink, and they exude confidence, passion, and power, with a supportive statement heel that shows true femininity. Kaya Capriole’s sandals and pumps will never age and can be worn with any outfit, whether with jeans or a cocktail dress. As part of its dedication to crafting extraordinary products for its diverse client base, Kaya Capriole’s motivated, creative, and wellsupported team operate in an ‘Kaya’ means empowerment, faithful friend, one who has a sense for fashion, a woman of power. ‘Capriole’ is an equestrian term – not because the brand is af filiated with horses, but because it’s a powerful symbol – meaning a horse that jumps, poised with all four legs up; a dif ficult, well-trained move. This word was chosen because it represents jumping calculatedly and elegantly into power and success. This is how one feels when they are wearing luxury products designed by Kaya Capriole: ready for success and enjoying a guilt-free fashion product that will last a lifetime. Ultimately, Kaya Capriole is all about sustainability, being a socially responsible seller of ladies’ fashion, accessories, and footwear. It is a brand that has generated a serious buzz throughout the UK market with its ethical and elegant slow fashion lines, giving customers the option to go against the grain when it comes to fast fashion, enabling them to shop without a guilty conscience. This means they can enjoy brilliant products that suit a wide range of aesthetics without ever having to cross an uncomfortable moral line. Indeed, Kaya Capriole’s quality over quantity attitude, exquisitely designed apparel, and unique accessories all allow customers to cultivate their style without the stress of whether the company they’re buying from can be trusted. Its creations have been crafted to make sustainability an equally pivotal part of the process as the workmanship itself. For much of it, the workmanship is itself reflective of this, as all its stock is carefully designed by its own in-house creative director, a true expert in timeless beauty when it comes to accessories that will never go out of style. It is this dedication to crafting the best accessories with the most unwavering commitment to the client’s happiness that has allowed it to reach a lofty enough station within its industry that serving celebrities is commonplace. In such instances, the company offers bespoke design services where it will custom create the best and most environment where everything they need is to hand – whether this be certain materials, a specific amount of time for turnaround, or other professionals to bounce ideas off – creating a space of proud, happy, and inspired artisans. Each of these members of staff develop products using age old techniques, too. Although its business model, goals, and values are modern and progressive, it recognises the value in learning from past industry stalwarts, and has in this manner learned, adopted, and adapted the traditional ways its industry would create bespoke shoes and accessories, and made it into something that fits the contemporary world. Thus, Kaya Capriole’s small number of products being made available at any given time are all given the same amount of quality control and rigorous checking to ensure they represent the company and its staff well. Highly focused on motivation, freedom, fair treatment, and anti-discrimination, its workers are paid fairly and take great pride in their work, creating an environment that helps the wider ecosystem of both ecological and social corporate impact. With its belief in developing a space that promotes people and brings out the best in them, its biggest challenge thus far will be trying to remain small and ensuring that its environmental impact does not change as the need for more crafted products increase. Thus, despite the growth in demand – and following the successful expansion to the US and Canada, along with other countries - it remains highly exclusive and refuses to take on more than its artisans can handle, instead funnelling this growth into bettering the tools its staff have access to. Dedicated to making clients feel beautiful, sexy, and powerful, Kaya Capriole demonstrates how care for the environment can manifest in the most incredible results. Selling itself well to a myriad of newly interested clientele, its significant increase in interest across the pond promises to secure its current place at the head of the pack in sustainable goods production and development, its determination to operating ethically drawing in new stakeholders by the day. Moreover, with more product lines incoming, and a tireless ability to keep up with its industry, the company forecasts that its future is to stay this way for a long time – much to the pleasure of its clients old and new. Company: Kaya Capriole Website: Best Ladies Accessory & Footwear Brand - UK