Winter 2022

36 37 Sep22445 StayYoung Forever Finding somewhere for our children to express themselves and settle into the world can be no small feat. However, Let's Be Kids Limited offers breakfast sessions and after school provisions in Warrington so that our children can flourish. Here we get a closer look as it wins Best 3-11 Childcare Provider – North West England in the Parent and Baby Awards 2022. With two branches in Warrington, North West England, Let's Be Kids Limited has quickly become noticed by many. Its high quality childcare services are well-known by the surrounding community. Not only does Let’s Be Kids allow our children to express themselves, but it encourages active and explorative play. Let’s Be Kids offers a safe space for children to make friends and grow their confidence – not only in relation to others but for their own selfawareness and personal development. Increasing a child’s self-esteem, Let’s Be Kids promotes independence, so that they can be happy and fulfilled throughout their lives. It’s support and care is provided to children aged 3-11, at our convenience. Whether it’s before or after school, or during the school holidays, Let’s Be Kids lends a helping hand – and even guarantees a free holiday club for eligible children. Its values align with ours as it looks for every way to help and encourage children to be the best that they can be – all the while freeing us up to carry out our other responsibilities such as our careers and jobs. Let’s Be Kids’ Director, Jenna Welsby, believes that the business’ greatest achievement is its “rapid growth”. It has cared for over 700 children and has purchased its own nursery – for children aged 2-4 – over the last five years. The pandemic posed a threat to many businesses, but this is not the case for Let’s Be Kids as it managed to stay open so that keyworker parents could still carry out their admirable duties. Let’s Be Kids upheld all government guidelines, so that the children in its care could stay safe – and their families were kept safe too. The future holds more fun, education, and connection. With a “no screen” policy, Let’s Be Kids truly looks after our children in a way that guides and cares for their wellbeing without just sitting them in front of a television. This hands-on approach is just one of the very many reasons why Let’s Be Kids has won the prestigious award of Best 3-11 Childcare Provider – North West England. Overall, Let’s Be Kids encourages our children to learn, play, and most of all – stay young forever. Contact: Jenna Welsby Company: Let's Be Kids Limited Web Address: Aug22635 Best Childcare Bedding & Linen Supplier 2022 - Australia The concept of Jam Berry (JB) was conceived in 2003 when Sherryn Deetlefs’ two little girls were at a childcare centre for 1-2 days a week. The childcare centre had asked parents to supply linen and a drawstring bag for their children, and Sherryn came to realise that there weren’t any reputable linen suppliers for the childcare sector. Thus, Jam Berry was born, striving to create the best childcare linen in the world – ethically and joyfully. Back in the early noughties, Sherryn Deetlefs owned a publishing business and worked part-time which allowed her the flexibility to enjoy time with her children, saying, “I knew this time with the girls was precious and passing quickly.” With regard to their childcare centre asking parents to supply linen and a drawstring bag, she comments, “It was all very specific, so I set about sewing something super cute from left over materials.” Jam Berry was initially created with fellow parents in mind, however, by 2007, it was receiving large orders from childcare centres around Australia, manufacturing products such as 100% cotton sheets, drawstring bags, super soft polar fleece blankets, and pillows for little heads. Fast forward 14 years and it is excited to be supplying all the big kahuna childcare groups, Capital Hill Early Childhood Centre at Parliament House, private schools, independent centres, family day care, and occasional care – selling thousands of sheets each year. Sherryn says, “We love speaking and emailing with directors across Australia every day. Each centre has a story. We have commiserated with centres that have experienced loss and grief, and yahooed with centres growing and renovating.” All of Jam Berry’s products are designed inhouse, working closely with suppliers in China to manufacture some of them. Sherryn even took a trip to China to visit suppliers in 2006 to strengthen the working relationship and to check on the working conditions of employees. She says, “We were very pleased to meet very happy people working in a very relaxed environment, with many facilities for employees provided by our supplier.” As a result, Jam Berry’s customers are left delighted with their products every time, with one stating, “I cannot recommend the fleece sheets highly enough. They are perfect! So soft and warm, perfect for winter and bub loves sleeping on them. Wonderful colours and excellent quality. Customer service was very friendly and prompt shipping.” Another customer says, “Beautiful product to use in early childhood services. We charge an enrolment fee which covers each child’s linen, and Sherryn has been amazing to deal with over the last few years, customising an order form to meet our needs. So easy; we just include it in our enrolment pack.” A third customer shares, “I have never had such a surprise; the postie just came to my front door with this huge box of your beautiful products. Thank you so much!!! You have fabulous customer service and I can't wait to spread the word of your amazing business. You are truly one of a kind and I can't thank you enough.” Company: Jam Berry Contact: Sherryn Deetlefs Website: