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38 39 Aug22196 Best Luxury Hotel Amenities Brand 2022 With 40 years of expertise in partnering with the world’s finest hotel, Molton Brown has developed a stellar reputation for giving guests a personalised, luxury experience imbued with a conscious care for the world around it. Growing from small-scale artisans to international fragrance experts, the company now provides hotel partners with products whose quality earned Molton Brown the Royal warrant from the late Queen Elizabeth II. Molton Brown is available globally in luxury hotels, its own stores, upscale department stores, and through various e-commerce solutions. In-keeping with the brand’s heritage of having a conscious care for the environment, Molton Brown offers hotel partners amenities with exceptional fragrance concentrations, which produce some of the most exemplary and well-imagined fragranced shower and bath products in the world. Each collection shares the same formula as its retail products, which sets the brand apart in the industry for quality and care. Molton Brown’s core belief is that luxury and sustainability go hand-in-hand, which is why the company never tests on animals and every collection in Made in England, to ensure the highest standards with local and greener manufacturing. Its amenities offer encompasses the Luxury Collection, which enables guests to experience Molton Brown’s most iconic bath and shower gels, body lotions, and haircare, all presented within their signature bottles which are 50% recyclable. This is supported by the 1971 Collection which allows the brand’s artisanal heritage to shine through in the delicately scented, 100% vegetarian bath, body, and haircare. Celebrating the scents of mandarin and clary sage, it has been created ‘with the modern globetrotter in mind’ with a gentle yet long-lasting fragrance that will keep a guest feeling fresh throughout all manner of explorations. Today Molton Brown provides hotel partners with a full holistic luxury care experience for guests; its new Botanical Haircare Collection brings together modern sustainable ingredients and innovative technology to create a Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner enriched with sustainably sourced Camomile. The herbs are grown in once-abandoned London Underground tunnels, using remarkable hydroponic systems and LED technology. This ground-breaking concept is the latest step on the company’s sustainability journey which also includes two decades of providing dispensing options for hotel partners. Fundamentally, this is one way in which it is helping partners with sustainability solutions attempting to reduce the need for single-use bottles and provide a smart alternatives that reduces waste, supports refillable beauty, and enhances reusability. With a new Turndown Partnership in collaboration with Japanese luxury skincare brand Sensai, Molton Brown’s offer continues to grow and enhance the guest experience. Sensai’s collections combine the brand’s key ingredient, Koishimaru silk which was once reserved for the royal family, with the latest technology to create a ground-breaking antiageing experience, coupled with an incomparable skincare philosophy. This natural foundation allies perfectly with the sustainable ethos and pursuit of excellent which have been at the heart of Molton Brown for half a century. Company: Molton Brown Contact: Row Holland Website: Oct22188 Perfect Service in the Perfect Setting Chateau Herálec is LUXlife’s Best Castle Hotel 2022 - Central Europe. Luxurious, romantic, historical, and dreamy are all words that can be used to describe the retreat, which caters to visitors from across the globe. Quite simply, Chateau Herálec is a drop of perfection at the heart of the Czech Republic. Opening its doors in 2011, Chateau Herálec has welcomed customers from all over the world, impressing visitors with its opulence and grandeur. The Chateau embraces traditional architecture, boasting a romantic and magical ambiance that promises to make every stay special. As such, Chateau Herálec sets the standard for accommodation in Europe, and no other hotel comes close to the Chateau’s devotion to glamour, luxury, and relaxation. As the hotel’s Marketing Manager, Karolína Kasperová, states, ‘people appreciate not only the state and the beauty of the building, which go back to the 13th century, but our perfect services.’ Everyone is welcome at Chateau Herálec – including dogs. Indeed, when the owners realised that many travellers enjoy travelling with their pets, they took swift action in implementing measures to ensure that dogs would experience the same level of quality as their owners. Whilst the hotel doesn’t position itself as a pet-friendly hotel, it is clear to see that the emphasis on quality runs much deeper than the surface, and as a result, Chateau Herálec has received an abundance of furry guests. ‘Now, when a guest arrives with a dog,’ Karolína explains, ‘we prepare a bowl of water, a blanket, a towel to dry their paws, and we specially bake dog treats, which are given to them upon departure.’ However, this exceptional reception isn’t only limited to pets, as Karolína tells us: ‘The chateau truly believes that the true form of luxury today is space, and this is amply provided. The property is really big compared to other Czech castles, which certainly takes your breath away. The hotel also adopts scenography, with wallpapers of the frescoes from the chapel, and paintings of old masters, visible around the hotel. We also have original paintings in every room, often concealing the secret entrance to the bathroom. In our logo, you can see the five pedals of the Herálec rose. We welcome every lady with a rose and some sparkling wine – which makes everyone happy from the very start.’ These exceptional standards are upheld by the Chateau Herálec team, which is comprised of local people that love their jobs and do it with passion and a friendly touch. In essence, they are proud to work at the castle. It is thanks to this dedication that Chateau Herálec has become known for its incredible service, as its team play a fundamental role in the business. They are encouraged to act naturally – to be down to earth – and in turn, they are to make the guests feel at home. Chateau Herálec places a lot of trust in its team, and it is fair to say that this risk has paid off – ‘it doesn’t matter what role a staff member has, they understand that they play a part in something bigger, and they all create the final result.’ Chateau Herálec is defined by its focus on the ‘family factor,’ which quite simply means that Chateau Herálec is infused with a family feel and is largely managed by family. Moreover, the hotel has close links to other businesses in the region, utilising them as a support network. Over 90% of the produce that Chateau Herálec sources comes from local providers; for example, its freshly baked breads, pastries, and cakes are produced with flour from a nearby mill. It is clear to see why Chateau Herálec has been awarded Best Castle Hotel 2022 - Central Europe. From its magnificent location to how it treats its guests, Chateau Herálec exudes luxury, comfort, and relaxation. The hotel provides the perfect backdrop for a break from daily life. Contact: Karolína Kasperová Company: Chateau Herálec Reception: [email protected] Tel (nonstop): +420 569 669 111 Web Address: