Winter 2023

24 | LUXlife Magazine - North Island NZ. We have found it to be very evident that this company has become such an industry leader, showing the true versatility, innovation, and resilience needed to defy the odds in a very competitive market. From the humble beginnings of a single batch of overripe feijoa and a tiny still becoming Wayne and Kathy’s first batch of “very average” spirits, the company has gone on to expand its range to five styles of gin, a spiced rum, and the newest addition of honey moonshine! Truly worthy of celebration! A key contributor to Kaimai Distilling Company’s astounding success, too, is its commitment to creativity, which we find to be incredibly inspiring – and we’re sure that this will only continue as it discovers new and inventive flavours in the coming future. With a bright few years ahead of it, Kaimai Distilling Company can only flourish. We’re sure that, as it does, it’ll maintain its astounding eye for invention. As of now, Kaimai Distilling Company is in the best position it could possibly be – one where it has every chance of succeeding within New Zealand’s competitive distillery industry. We wish Kaimai Distilling Company all the best luck in its ventures, and we can’t wait to see what gins and spirits it brings to the world next. Contact: Wayne Chowles Company: Kaimai Distilling Company Web Address: ince its inception, Kaimai Distilling Company has been focused on one sole goal – to create high-quality, one-of-a-kind spirits for its customers to enjoy. Whether it’s supplying some of the region’s most renowned establishments with its bountiful flavours, or selling its bottled bliss to consumers via its online store, Kaimai Distilling Company invites individuals to sample some of the best gin that New Zealand has to offer. It goes above and beyond to source only the highest quality of ingredients for its products, guaranteeing a freshness that directly contributes towards the empowerment of the local community. As such, Kaimai Distilling Company has garnered immense popularity for both its flavours and ethics. What truly makes Kaimai Distilling Company unlike other distilleries, however, is its dedication to its unique methods such as using a Soxhlet Extractor to distil and isolate exceptional flavours from complex botanicals like truffles. So, it comes as no surprise to learn that, through such methods, it has accumulated a catalogue of incredibly diverse tastes. Creating innovative products is where Kaimai Distilling Company truly thrives – a quality that manifests through its desire to consistently experiment with new botanicals in order to concoct the next fan favourite flavour. In addition to all of these impressive characteristics, Kaimai Distilling Company ensures quality down to the very water that acts as a base for each spirit. Said water is expertly sourced from a 50,000 year old artesian aquifer, which ultimately makes it among the purest in the world. By combining all of these factors, Kaimai Distilling Company manages to consistently generate blends that marry innovation and creativity in perfect harmony. By placing immense emphasis on all of these individual qualities, Kaimai Distilling Company has placed itself among some of the top contenders within the competitive spirits industry – a feat of which it is immensely proud. Despite being a relatively new distillery, having only been operating for six years, Kaimai Distilling Company has adapted itself in order to reach a wholly unique position within the industry. This is accomplished, of course, through the variety of unique gins and spirits that it has to offer. Partner this with the fact that the distillery frequently offers tastings to a variety of customers throughout the region, and you’ve got a business that’s truly invested in seeing its consumers smile. It lives and breathes its blends – something that becomes abundantly clear from the very first sip. Ultimately, we’re incredibly excited to be recognising Kaimai Distilling Company as our Best Hand-Crafted Single Batch Gin Distillery 2023 Best Hand-Crafted Single Batch Gin Distillery 2023 - North Island NZ By using locally sourced ingredients, Kaimai Brewing and Distilling Company demonstrates an incredible knack for catering to a more refined palate. Serving bars, restaurants, and retail stores throughout New Zealand, this single batch gin distillery has made quite the name for itself across the region. In light of its well-deserved success within the Distillery and Brewing Awards 2023, we venture through Kaimai Distilling Company’s processes and passions, and how owners Wayne and Kathy Chowles consistently deliver on its promise of perfection within each of its unique blends. S