Winter 2023

Winter 2023 | 7 make the perfect statement piece for any outfit, home, or occasion, and just one look at the expansive portfolio of products showcasing her work is enough to understand why. In contrast to Sarah’s bold style, Lec Caven adopts a wholly unique approach towards art that’s nothing short of captivating. Since 2013, Lec, mother of four, has worked as a full time professional artist who specialises in the abstract. Her designs are rich with colour, but there’s a pleasure that she holds for pen and ink drawings that’s perfectly communicated through each individual piece of art. Her commitment to her craft is abundant, whether it manifests through her eagerness to involve herself with as many ‘arty folk’ as possible, or through her love for exhibiting her work in Scarborough’s Woodland Gallery. Her art translates perfectly onto HandmadeByPixies®’s apparel, bringing a breath of fresh air to otherwise ordinary items. However, if it’s a more rainbow minimalist approach that you’re looking for, Catherin Bamber has an art style that perfectly compliments any possible space. Her use of watercolours to create beautiful pieces of art, be it of animals or confectionary, tell a story of simplicity. The stark contrast between the beautiful watercolours and her often blank backgrounds makes for a truly eye-catching piece that’ll draw the attention of anyone from one glance alone. As such, her style is simply spectacular when paired with apparel. It represents an incredibly tasteful union between paint and personality that’s more than enough to brighten any space. The in-house artist, Simone Newell, also provides her unmistakable flare and original style to her own artwork, which can be seen in the beautiful products that she creates. Simone’s style can be described as bold, colourful and minimalist. Simone also works with local businesses with her etchwork, hand etching on a small and grand scale. Together, these women help HandmadeByPixies® to express a sense of self that isn’t commonly witnessed within the apparel industry. Long gone are the days of mass-produced clothing trends - HandmadeByPixies® is set on establishing a new approach towards fashion and the gift market. Where most wouldn’t dare to tread, HandmadeByPixies® has taken confident strides to promote the work of artists who truly deserve to be seen. And, with a devotion to quality above all else, customers can gain access to some of the most gorgeous pieces of artwork available within the UK, all whilst being presented with a fantastic buying experience. HandmadeByPixies® is a family run business that truly understands what self-expression means for an individual. Whether it has learned this through its plethora of happy customers, or through the artists that it collaborates alongside, it has long since recognised the need for truly unique apparel items. As such, its made to order collection of varying products sets it apart from standard clothing brands – where some seek sameness, HandmadeByPixies® seeks statements. Its products are of the utmost quality, both in terms of artwork and production, and it all culminates in a beautiful brand that’s able to deliver on the promise of perfection. We’re very honoured to feature HandmadeByPixies® in this awards supplement. Its excellence is second to none, and with a variation of designs to choose from, customers will have a difficult time selecting just one. We can’t wait to see what new art pieces HandmadeByPixies® will come to create in the near future, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on each new product as it comes. Contact: Simone Newell Company: HandmadeByPixies® Web Address: