Winter 2023

8 | LUXlife Magazine Seizing Paradise Day by Day Overlooking the expansive, crystalline seas of the Gulf of Thailand, Karpe Diem is a boutique villa that endeavours to introduce guests to the true meaning of luxury. Whether individuals are looking to take a dip in one of two of its infinity-edged pools or are seeking peace and harmony from the comfort of one of four sea view rooms, Karpe Diem is the perfect place to indulge in a new level of beauty. Below, we delve into how Karpe Diem delivers on its promise of a getaway that’s fully focused on pampering its guests and satisfying their every whim, and how this dedication has earned it the title of Best Hillside Villa 2023 - Thailand. Perfectly capturing the pinnacle of private luxury, Karpe Diem is a high-end villa that is guaranteed to whisk any guest away into a world of total relaxation. Every amenity – from its swim-up cocktail bar to its expansive terraces – has been specifically designed to elicit a sense of serenity within each individual. From the moment a guest crosses the threshold, they are greeted like a returning family member, before receiving apt attention throughout the entirety of their stay. Whether you’re a lover of the outdoors, eager to settle among Karpe Diem’s abundance of fruit trees and vegetation, or are eager to indulge in some indoor pampering, Karpe Diem’s enticing environments provide everything any guest could need. And yet, despite the modernised nature of the villa, Karpe Diem’s location is where it truly shines. Settled on the precipice of the Gulf of Thailand, the villa grants guests a unique opportunity to gaze endlessly at the sprawling stretch of sea. Be it from the comfort of their room, each boasting a beautiful view of the oceanic expanse, or from one of two infinityedged pools, Karpe Diem presents the perfect chance to soak in the beauty of the natural world. Truly, its sights are ones to behold – only attainable once in a lifetime. It’s no secret that the Gulf of Thailand is a marvel, and Karpe Diem takes full advantage of its surroundings to lend these sights to its guests. Though it has made use of the area’s natural resources, exploitation has never once been on Karpe Diem’s radar. As opposed to cleaving the beauty of the region, it has instead gone above and beyond to nurture the landscape to the best of its abilities. Its vision lies with delivering a sustainable experience – one where the encounters of its guests actively help to nourish the surrounding ecosystem. Protecting the environment, adhering to plastic initiatives, water collection, recycling, and planned solar technology implementations have assisted in this venture, making Karpe Diem one of the most eco-friendly villas throughout Thailand. The fact that Karpe Diem opened its doors seven years ago and has yet to note any deterioration in the local environment, stands as a testament to its success in keeping the area protected. What makes Karpe Diem truly special, aside from its modernised facilities, astounding views, and ecological awareness, is its commitment to ensuring that the beauty of the villa perseveres, even after years of use. Since opening in 2016, Karpe Diem has managed to expertly maintain the standards that it held from the day it welcomed its first guests. Whilst almost impossible, Karpe Diem has made this feat seem easy. No challenge has been too difficult to overcome – so long as the villa meets the high standards that its guests deserve, then it’s worth the time and effort to persist. Of course, Thailand is the home of the Thai massage, and Karpe Diem has compiled a list of exclusive spa treatments from which guests can choose. Regardless of an individual’s preferences, there truly is something for everyone at Karpe Diem. Its location is unparalleled, and its friendly atmosphere will encourage guests to slip into their pamper routine from the moment they enter. As such, there’s no other villa that’s more deserving of the title of Best Hillside Villa 2023 – Thailand as Karpe Diem. Contact: Daraius Nawroze Company: Villa Karpe Diem Web Address: