Winter 2023

Winter 2023 | 9 Al Molo 5 is a boutique hotel on Lake Como, just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Bellagio comune in Lombardy, Italy. These exquisite lodgings offer a luxury getaway that is perfect for romance or those seeking a unique experience, and is complete with breathtaking views and a variety of activities to partake in. Boasting both lakeview rooms and fully equipped apartments, the hotel offers patrons the ability to wake up to the sound of waves breaking on the shore and birds chirping as they fly over the Como Lake mountains, and this is just the beginning. We speak to Margherita Rezzonico, who tells us more about this fantastic hotel located in the north of Italy. Best Boutique Luxury Hotel 2023 – Lake Como nearby ferry serves to complement the lake as the epicentre of the location and provides good transportation links for those travelling. With a local shop, café, restaurant, and pharmacy all within 50 metres of the hotel, guests have all the necessary amenities available within walking distance, something which is incredibly uncommon across the industry. As Margherita explains, the aim of the hotel is to provide more than just outstanding accommodation, and there is a commitment to leaving a lasting impression with good memories for everybody who stays at the lodgings and visits the area. This desire to provide the highest quality service stems from Margherita’s more than 40 years of travelling. During this time, she stayed in thousands of properties, and wanted to bring together the best of all of these experiences in Al Molo 5, creating an unparalleled atmosphere that would leave guests 100% satisfied every time. No easy feat, the team were determined to strike a balance of tending to every need without being intrusive, making customer stays simple and truly hospitable, all while providing top quality food at reasonable prices at the restaurant below. Current trends within the industry have resulted in the hotel welcoming selected and high-level clientele. In order to successfully cater for this, the team has widened its array of services, and will soon open suites to tend to the needs of even the most particular customer. Despite this, there is no intention to make the lodgings into a large hotel, as the aim is for great service and exclusivity, with guests being afforded all of the experiences of a small fishing village, with an immersion in non-tourist activities. Al Molo 5 is the perfect destination for those looking to escape from it all and is an ideal destination for romantic celebrations such as an anniversary. With a blend of relaxing surroundings and the ability to tackle a host of water-based activities, eat fantastic food, and enjoy stunning views of the Italian mountains, the hotel provides the perfect holiday destination for couples. Contact: Margherita Rezzonico Company: Al Molo 5 Web Address: l Molo 5 is located just minutes away from Bellagio, which is often called “the pearl of Lake Como”, and many of the other tourist attractions the region boasts, all of which are best viewed from directly aboard a boat. For this reason, in addition to the luxury that the hotel provides, guests are invited to use one of its premier and most popular services, the boat rental scheme Boat2go. Through this, guests will have access to kayaks, SUPs, and fast motorboats, all of which do not require a boating license, and provide the upmost fun and the best way to get around. Patrons who cannot get enough of time on the water should also take the opportunity to attend the VIP charter service that is on offer, an extraordinary experience aboard the exclusive Gagliotta Lobster 35 yacht. After a busy day enjoying all of the sights and activities that are available, wind down in the right way with an evening in the hotel restaurant overlooking the lake, where guests can try a selection of tasty dishes as they take in the amazing view, complemented by the picturesque lights of neighbouring villages reflected in the water. For three years now, Al Molo 5 has been welcoming guests to this fantastic location, with hotel guests able to leave their cars in the parking facilities and enjoy a holiday that can be customised for them down to every last detail. This starts with the accommodation itself, and the choice between a range of stunning rooms or apartments complete with kitchens and optional car garages. From there, free electric bikes are available for those wanting to experience the freedom of the open road, boat tours run regularly to take in the sights, and kayaks and paddles provide those with a sense of adventure the means to travel on the open water independently. A A