LUX Xmas 2018

Since their inception, Cory Connor Designs specialises in residential design, working primarily with families who are looking to make their home comfy and cozy, yet still beautiful and updated. Cory aims to provide the very best service to her clients by really listening to them at the initial consult. Not only does she try to get an understanding of their style and vibe, but she also tries to get a read on how they live - which has a direct impact on how the home is designed. Going into further detail about the company, Cory informs us of her right-hand colleague who assists her in delivering the best possible service to clients. “As I am the only designer, my staff consists of an assistant who helps with sourcing, purchasing and communication with clients. She is extremely organized and keeps the office running smoothly so that I can focus my time into creating the best designs for my clients.” With the industry currently thriving, Cory highlights the key developments which are affecting the sector and how the firm have adapted around these changes. “In my opinion, both social media and the internet have had a huge impact on the design industry. At any given moment, people are able to immerse themselves in pictures and images of homes that they love. Beautiful design is literally at their fingertips at any given moment. Having these images so accessible allows for clients to focus on specific looks and narrow in on their likes and dislikes, which they can later share with their designers. If I can look at images of what a client likes and doesn’t like, then our time together is much more efficient.” Oct18142 Whilst on the topic of sharing ideas with clients, Cory explains how she uses online mood boards to showcase ideas but is keen to highlight how she is still very much hands on. “For most projects, I create online mood boards for clients to help them narrow down the direction that they would like to go in for their home. It is very visual and allows for clients to get a real sense for the feel of the design. That being said, since much of design is very tactical, I still do much of my work hands on. As amazing as technology is, touch and feel are still a huge part of designing a home.” Bringing the interview to a close, Cory reflects on the trends within the industry, noting on how she follows her own path to create her award-winning designs. “I tend to stay away from the trends and stick more to what moves me at that moment. That said, there are two things that I have used for years which are still trending – barn doors and wallpaper. I have always found barn doors to be beautiful and grand. They serve as art on walls, while being practical at the same time. Wallpaper can really make a room pop. Mixing fun colours, patterns and textured can make a bland room to bold. Wallpaper can be an easy way to change the mood of any room.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for Cory Connor Designs, following the recent success in LUXlife’s Leading Designers 2018 Awards as the Most Exceptional Full- Service Interior Design Firm - New Jersey, Cory hopes to build on this achievement by continuing to grow the firm and reach new heights. “Moving forward, I hope to continue working at the pace that I am currently going. I am fortunate to have a steady flux of amazing clients who put their trust in me with their homes. Eventually, I would like to hire a few more designers and expand the business even further.” Turning Dream Designs into Reality Cory Connor Designs is a small interior design company based in Chatham, NJ. Recently, we caught up with founder, Cory Connor who revealed to us more about the extraordinary designs which she creates for her clients. Contact Name: Cory Connor Company: Cory Connor Designs Address: 2 North Passaic Ave, Chatham, 07928, United States of America, New Jersey Telephone: 973-507-9941 Website: