LUX Xmas 2018

104 RE180090 Excellent Contemporary Cuisine Royal Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Take Away specialises in ‘contemporary’ Indian cuisine, we offer an extensive range of dishes to suit everybody including our hugely popular ‘Bangladeshi Dishes’. Following their recent success in LUXlife’s Restaurant & Bar Awards where they were awarded the accoladed Best for Contemporary Indian Cuisine – Northamptonshire, we profiled the firm and spoke to Rocky who provided us with a detailed insight into the fine establishment. Established in 1979, the Royal Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Takeaway is the oldest Indian takeaway in Northamptonshire. When the establishment first opened their doors, they had an overwhelmingly large menu, with a vast range of dishes (including steaks, scampi, etc) to accommodate for everyone. Over the years, Rocky came to realise that quality over quantity is more important. Customers also wanted more authentic dishes, hence why Rocky changes the menu every three months and including truly authentic curries as well. Going in to future detail about Royal Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Take Away, Rocky explains a guest’s first impression when they enter the restaurant, as well as touching on how the team achieve excellence, ensuring that only the best food and beverages are served. “Here at Royal Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Take Away, we welcome every customer like we would to a guest entering my own house. The welcome is everyone’s first impression of the restaurant, and so if that is not a high standard then the rest of the experience will not be as strong. “We always source the freshest ingredients and all our food is freshly cooked to order. With our wine selection, we try to match them with the dishes and also have exclusive wines that you are unable to buy in supermarkets.” When discussing the current state of the sector within the restaurant and bar industry, Rocky points out the major developments that have been affecting it and how Royal Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Take Away have adapted around these. “When we opened in 2006, there were only five other Indian and Chinese restaurants, no chain restaurants except for McDonalds and KFC, so in that sense we had no really major competition. Then the financial crisis happened, but instead of tightening the purse strings, I had a new extension built and moved my kitchen there! Since then, about six restaurants including chain restaurants Nando’s, and Pizza Hut have opened. Naturally, the first couple of weeks after a new restaurant opens, we feel the pinch a bit, but after that things have gone back to normal. I believe this is because of my emphasis on homestyle cooking and excellent customer service.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Rocky signs off by envisioning what the future holds the wider restaurant and bar market, informing us of the changes which may affect their business and how we will adapt around them. “As there are numerous restaurants opening and closing all around us, however I believe that if we carry on as we have been, we should be fine. Moving forward, our ethos now is to eat healthy and live healthy, hence the reason we have changed and adapted our ways of cooking to adapt to this.” Contact: Rocky 88-90 Rockingham Rd, Corby, Northants, NN171AE Tel: 01536399700 Web: Taste