LUX Xmas 2018

106 StudioNorm is a design consultancy focused on the hospitality industry. Recently, we caught up with the firm’s Creative Director, David Tham who revealed to us more about the creative pieces the team at StudioNorm provide to their clients. Established in 2008 with its head office in Singapore; StudioNorm has defined itself as a design consultancy focused on the hospitality dedicated to creating bespoke pieces of furniture, furnishings and interior architecture. StudioNorm also holds an in-house label named ‘normform’ which distributes across the hospitality industry and beyond in diverse landings. Going into detail about the firm’s mission, David begins by informing us of the services StudioNorm provides to their clients. “Here at StudioNorm, we hope become a globally recognised Design Consultancy specialised in the Hospitality Industry. How we aim to achieve this is by fostering a passionate design culture internally and a passionate service externally. “As a whole, we pride ourselves as a house of authentic and refined designs, thriving on a sincere approach to provide aesthetical and functional pleasing for our patrons. We want to establish a culture of dedicated service by fully understanding what our clients want, and anticipating their vision by offering them insights of value.” Recently, StudioNorm found success in LUXlife’s 2018 Leading Designers where they were given the Award for Excellence: Hospitality Design – Singapore. When discussing the win, David highlights what the award means to the firm, and points to one of StudioNorm’s most successful project to date. “I think it’s a blessing of God and a validation to our work, ethics, strategies and vision; as well as a testimony to the sustainable relationships we have established with our clients. Especially in the 10th year milestone of operations, this brings a smile to me and great joy to all of us in the company. As we are a considerable young company of 10 years, it really means what we believed in and have done throughout the years are heading towards a brilliant sunrise. “It has to be a set of customised furniture that we designed for Regent Hotel Singapore. They have not stopped replenishing them ever since the first batch was delivered. The firm loved it so much that the designed is requested by their global office which is Four Seasons Hotel group to be sealed and made exclusive to their group of properties only.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, David signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline of the firm, especially following their recent success in LUXlife’s 2018 Leading Designers. “Moving forward, we have a foot print in South East Asia and a small part of the Middle East; hopefully you will be able to notice more of my company’s works in your part of the world and beyond.” Executing Beyond Expectations Contact: David Tham Company: StudioNorm Design Consultants Pte Ltd Address: 421 Tagore Industrial Ave, #04-18, 787805, Singapore Telephone: 00 65 6610 1189 Web Address: Instagram: @ studionorm_design