LUX Xmas 2018

22 Since 2011, Chateau Herálec has been impressing visitors from all over the world with its striking traditionalist architecture and best in class guest experience. By all regards, the Chateau Herálec represents one of the finest luxury experiences in mainland Europe, setting the standard for others to follow. Naturally, we were eager to speak to the hotel’s Marketing Manager and the daughter of the owners to find out a few secrets behind this national treasure. To start the interview, Karolína gives us some insight into the Chateau’s recent history. “Chateau Herálec has been open since September 2011, after a challenging and complex renovation of a beautiful heritage site. Chateau Herálec has become the first five-star hotel in the region, which is home to many UNESCO heritage sites. This enables high-profile guests to discover the beauty of this breath-taking region, which is located just one hour away from Prague and provides no small amount of privacy for those that desire it. People appreciate not only the state and the beauty of the building, which goes back to the 13th century, but our perfect services.” Karolína continues, emphasising the steps that Chateau Herálec take to guarantee that they go above and beyond, exceeding expectations time and time again. “We do not have a specific technique that we follow. We try to employ local people that love their job and do it with a passion and a friendly touch. They are proud to work at the castle, and if you do something with passion, you can see it in the result of your service. We want our guests to feel at home at Chateau Herálec, whilst also providing an outstanding five-star service. We see service as a way to make guests happy and delight in surprising them with small things. If you listen to what the guests want and expect and provide it, you cannot do anything wrong.” “For example, when we realised that a lot of guests like to come to the castle with their dogs, we took measures that ensured that they would Chateau Herálec Boutique Hotel & Spa by L’Occitane is located in the heart of the Czech Republic. In September, the Chateau was named among the winners of LUXlife’s 2018 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards programme with the title of ‘Most Outstanding Luxury Boutique Hotel’ in the Czech Republic. On the back of this extraordinary achievement, we spoke to Karolína Kasperová, the Marketing Manager for the hotel and the daughter of the owners, to find out more about this remarkable establishment. 1810LU12 A Luxury Boutique Hotel that Pursues True Perfection experience the same quality of service as any other guest. We didn’t position ourselves as a pet-friendly hotel, but, over the years, we have made significant steps to make sure that everyone is made to feel welcome. We now have a chronicle of our furry guests, which is super popular, and guests love to see their dogs included in it. Now, when a guest arrives with a dog, we prepare a bowl of water, a blanket, a towel to dry their paws, and we specially bake dog treats, which are given to them upon departure.” This is something that truly differentiates Chateau Herálec from other luxury establishments; a need to constantly improve on perfection, making sure that all whims are fulfilled, and all tastes satiated. Moving on, LUXlife asked Karolína how the hotel makes an incredible first impression. “The initial impression is made the moment the guest enters the grounds and glimpses their first sight of the building. Not only because the castle is so big. During the reconstruction, we returned the castle to its original generous disposition, which is clear to see as guests step over the threshold and see the interior. The rooms are clean, and not over-packed with old furniture. We wanted the building to speak for itself. The chateau truly believes that the true form of luxury today is space, and this is amply provided. The property is really big compared to other Czech castles, which certainly takes your breath away. The hotel also adopts scenography, with wallpapers of the frescoes from the chapel, and paintings of old masters, visible around the hotel. We also have original paintings in every room, often concealing the secret entrance to the bathroom. In our logo, you can see the five pedals of the Herálec rose. We welcome every lady with a rose and some sparkling wine – which makes everyone happy from the very start.”