LUX Xmas 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 23 Xmas 2018 The conversation soon turns to Chateau Herálec’s staff, who help drive the hotel’s pace-setting reputation for excellence. “Our staff are the most essential part of our business, helping to make the business so unique. From the outset, we wanted to evoke a ‘family feel’ in every corner of the hotel, making guests feel at home in the halls of the hotel. As such, we want our staff to act natural, and down to earth. They are there to provide high-class service, which they do by making everyone feel comfortable in the atmosphere of a noble house. Equally, we do not have a daily supervisor, which is very rare, but we expect loyalty and put a lot of trust in our staff. In our case, it works well, as the work requires a degree of responsibility. It doesn’t matter what role a staff member has, they understand that they play a part in something bigger, and they all create the final result.” “If something is needed, the staff will give a helping hand. If there is something to be fixed, the first person to see it will fix it right away, and not wait on the ‘designated’ person. Everyone helps out all the time. This is the right system for us and it created the best working system for the staff, the hotel, and the guest experience. It creates an atmosphere that ‘ no work is below my level ’.” But, extraordinary service is not all that Chateau Herálec offers, as Karolína describes what truly distinguishes the hotel from its peers and imitators. Chateau Herálec is, in many ways, utterly unique. “The ‘family factor’ definitely makes our establishment unique – even if the owners are not present all the time, you can feel their presence anyway. Herálec is family owned and run by the family in every way. We are also supported by the region as a whole, with more than 90% of the produce we source coming from local farms and providers. We bake our own pastries, breads and cakes, which comes from our own sourdough and flour from a nearby family mill. We have a Le Potager by the western wing, where we grow our own vegetables and herbs, and plant our own flowers, which we put in vases around the hotel. We are proud to say that we are also the first spa by L’Occitane in the Czech Republic. The reasons for their selection are clear – we have the same values, respect the environment and we understand that true luxury is not found in marble, and gold decoration.” As we come to the end of the interview, Karolína takes a moment to discuss the hospitality and luxury industries as a whole, and how Chateau Herálec has avoided copying trends. “The hotel doesn’t look at the latest trends, like technology adoption for example. We have created our own specific path, and we believe that – for years to come – guests will keep on coming, because our traditional approach to service and hotel management will never fade away completely. The need to completely turn off and relax from the everyday stresses of modern life is something that is only going to be become more prevalent. For this reason, our traditional values are a big plus, and will continue to attract guests. Also, since we believe our business will transcend generations, we will be around and expanding over the next 20 years (and longer!)” In her closing comments, Karolína talks about the future of Chateau Herálec, and how it aims to capitalise on its unique setting to give guests the experience of a lifetime. “Within the next five years, we hope to expand the business and provide other services to our guests than the ones they enjoy at the moment. Our goal is to improve on our selection of services, which in turn, will bring more guests to our door. With that in mind, we are preparing a very interesting project, the Eco-farm house, which will have an open kitchen, with an option of cooking classes. It will be connected to the garden, orchard and the field under the Castle Cropp House. It is right next to the castle, which is a big plus and will bring new emotions and experiences to our guests at Chateau Herálec.” Address: Herálec 1, 582 55 HERÁLEC, Czech Republic Website: Telephone: +420 569 669 111 / +420 734 822 640