LUX Xmas 2018

25 Voucher Box aim to provide the highest quality vouchers to their worldwide community of savvy shoppers. Here, they highlight one of their recent discount deals with Pebble Grey, a bathroom supply store based out of Castleford, West Yorkshire. There is nowhere else in your home which can offer the sanctuary, solitude and tranquility that your bathroom has the potential to do. If you’re going to invest in one room, to try and make one space truly luxurious, then let it be this room. To achieve a most indulgent bathroom you need to combine high-quality fixtures, such as baths, sink and showers with high caliber fittings such as taps and rails along with only the best accessories including high thread towels, tranquil decor and great scents. The easiest way to achieve a high-end bathroom for less is by looking out for discounts from top retailers. A discount list for Pebble Grey or a similar quality bathroom retailer is the easiest way to make huge savings whilst still achieving the luxurious bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Pebble Grey, a relatively young company, is passionate about the sanctuary of the bathroom. Look out for discounts on the highest-priced ranges, which allows you to get the look you want to achieve, often for up to half the price. When you have your bathroom decorated, try to find bathroom standard paint, which can withstand the moisture in the room. Go for tranquil tones such as green and blue; remember you are trying to create a place of relaxation. Think about installing in-built speakers too, so that you can stream relaxing mood music into the room as you bathe. When it comes to tiling, the higher quality material, the more luxurious your bathroom will look. Consider limestone, marble or even travertine. Storage is an often-overlooked aspect of a bathroom, but it’s really important when you’re trying to create a luxury look. Use high gloss finishes and opt for fitted furniture rather than free standing. Ideally you want your toiletries and spare loo roll hidden away, so try to limit the number of open shelves. High-end lighting and heating solutions will really help set the ambience in your new bathroom too, so don’t skimp on these elements. A bathroom, more than any room in the house, relies on those finishing touches to really set the tone. Choose candles made from soya or beeswax (not paraffin) and essential oils (not perfume oils). High quality candles are not only better for your health but produce more pleasant aromas too. Shop for bath mats, towels and flannels which are made with the highest quality Egyptian cotton, which will ensure both durability and softness. The higher the thread count the better. Use discount lists for bathroom retailers to help you find all these luxury bathroom items at excellent prices. MakeYour Bathroom Great Again Style 1810LU04