LUX Xmas 2018

28 Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter is architectural company with an international flare located in Stockholm Sweden. Recently we sat down with founder, Despina Dereka to discover more about the innovative designs the firm creates for their clients. Founded in 2011 by Despina Dereka and John Kirsh, Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter office is working mainly with residential, student housing and town planning. Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter is a firm with a great experience within the residential market. Going into further detail about Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter, Despina and John explains to us what sets the firm apart from their competitors, marking them out as the best possible option. “Here at Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter, we believe that the values that all of our projects share among them is the providing of attractive common and private spaces. Spaces that allow vegetation in the built environment. To provide for the ever-changing personal preferences of how to use the dwelling with flexible interior spaces. To create a good design within strict budget constraints. Strong values like these result in a sustainable building. “To create a building that stands the test of time has to incorporate the functional and aesthetically requirements at the present time. As a derivation the inhabitants will prolong the life span of the building and they will wish to maintain it. A space is the result of the imagination of the architect but also a result of the multiple constrains of the task provided by the client. “For us, an important factor when designing is the validity of the design in the years to come, the afterlife of the actual building has once it has been realised. The life span of a residential building counts more than 100 years. An existence that exceeds the life span of the human. This will allow the building to exist through time.” When discussing Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter’s approach to working on new project to ensure the best possible outcome, Despina informs us of how the firm achieves their overall aim, as well as how the setting of each project provides the architect with a palette of factors to incorporate into the design. “Making the most of all these factors will maximise the qualities of the project at hand. And of course, a vast study of the attributes of any given task with a clear comprehension of the clients’ needs. 1809LU29 “At Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter, we work with a variety of projects that they differ in size and stage. An overall aim in all of our projects is to follow through the initial design concept, to challenge ourselves with new technologies and materials and last but not least to be proud of the end result. A returning client is the best proof of a previously successful job.” Speaking of success, Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter were recently selected in LUXlife’s 2018 Leading Designer Awards where they were righteously awarded the accolade as the Most Innovative Architectural Practice – Sweden. When discussing the win, Despina highlights what the recognitions means for the team, as well as reflecting on how Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter are able to create such innovative solutions. “It feels great to have been selected in the LUXlife 2018 Leading Designer Awards. It is certainly a big recognition and acknowledgement for our firm but also for our clients that have trusted us with their projects. Architecture has no boundaries and is a language that we all comprehend, and this award has proven that. “As an architect it is important to stay in tune with the cultural evolution and always be synchronised with the society’s ever-changing needs. As such, we try to see our tray of solutions, not monolithic, but as a part of a greater cluster that contributes to the build environment. An environment that requires sensible solutions and needs to be in the centre of any decision. Sustainability is a corner stone value for us.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Despina signs off by revealing what aspirations she has for the award-winning firm, especially following the exceptional success that they have had over the past 12 months. “2018 have being a great year for our firm, a year with many important milestones and recognitions. Our residential project ‘Kärrliljian’ was shortlisted for a WAN Award within the Future Project category in London on February. It was the second time that Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter were nominated for a Future Project Award. “Another big thrill is our participation in the TIME-SPACE -EXISTENCE Architectural Biennal in Venice! It’s a great honour to be a part of the Architectural Biennial in Venice within so many established architects. “Moving forward, a future aspiration would be to potentially introduce ourselves on the international market. Challenge ourselves with new assignments and attributes.” Address: Södermannagatan 35, Stockholm, Sweden Telephone: 00 46 733 805 088 Website: Declaring the Excellence of the Design Style