LUX Xmas 2018

48 1810LU09 Truly Innovative Designs High Q Renders LLC is a creative company based in San Francisco, with offices also in Greece. Recently, the firm were selected in the 2018 Leading Designers as the Leading Experts in 3D Rendering Services – California. On the back of this win, we profiled High Q Renders and spoke to the Owners, Margarita Nikita and Katerina Bouziana to discover more about the innovative services that the award-winning company provides. Established in 2017, High Q Renders LLC is one of the fastest growing 3D rendering and consulting companies. The firm is based in San Francisco, CA, but also has offices in both Greece and Cyprus. This year, the firm’s main focus was to extend their services past the traditional rendering and into more interactive and engaging experiences. High Q Renders LLC’s services currently include; Computer Generated Renderings, Animation and 360 Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. 3D rendering is nowadays the most effective way to communicate design intent. When individuals try to describe their idea, it is not about what they say, but what people understand. With High Q Renders LLC’s services, there is no room for misinterpretation. Going into detail about the firm’s approach, Margarita informs us of the approach the team at High Q Renders LLC takes to ensure that the best possible outcome is reached. “As most of our clients are mainly with interior designs, we need to ensure that the final rendering both represents and respects their ideas. To do so, communication is the key. The first step is to define the goals and objectives of the project, build the right team and create a timeline. We proof each stage of the rendering process, so that the client has the opportunity to review and provide feedback before getting the final render. Also, we always ask questions and never assume. At High Q Renders LLC, we have a highly specialised team treating each project as if it is going to be on the front page of the property market.” When it comes to choosing the right rendering studio, High Q Renders LLC know that there are dozens if not hundreds, of choices. However, the firm bring to the table something no one else does, as Katerina explains. “Having offices in the US and in Europe, it allows us to work 24/7. This translates to faster delivery times and the confidence to our clients that one of our designers will be available to assist them at any time. “Everyone says that you should know your competition. What we are actually interested in is knowing our clients. Every one of them has a different design approach, so we always do our homework, learn their design aesthetic and the style they are going after before starting working on a new client or project. We are proud to have built long- lasting collaborations in an industry where the competition is really high.” When discussing High Q Renders overall aims, Katerina details the strategies the team employs to ensure that they achieve their main goals. “At High Q Renders, we have a clear mission; To help our clients communicate their design intent so profoundly they can’t imagine going to a meeting without our services. Technology has replaced the traditional approaches, and as a result, all companies nowadays adapt to the digital transformation. “Our business model focuses on adopting new technologies. We constantly immerse ourselves in what is going on in our industry to determine trends, to position ourselves and to find new ways to tell our clients’ stories. “Apart from keeping up with new technologies, our focus is on internal growth.