LUX Xmas 2018

50 WED18064 Capturing the Moment Hypertex is a group of producers of a wedding film from Poland, travelling the world doing what they know and like to do best. Recently, we profiled the firm following their success in the LUXlife’s Wedding Awards and spoke to Pawel A. Piszczek who provided us with an insight into how they capture those perfect moments. Established in 2009 by two friends, Hypertex Film was created when Paweł Piszczek and Krzysztof Piątek when they noticed that there were not many studios who could offer good quality wedding videos during a time when the wedding video market in central Europe was in the early stages of development. The duo found a chance for them. Their main goal was to introduce good quality wedding films for demanding customers, as well as wanting to educate a people and stimulate young people to understand the quality of the video. Today, Hypertex Film have established themselves as a well-known wedding video studio, one of the premium market leaders, they expanded from central Europe to overseas markets, especially in demanding South- East Asian markets. With their base in Central Europe, Hypertex works across the whole globe focusing on both the European and South-East Asian market. “At Hypertex Film, we work in a premium sector, which at times can be very demanding. Our clients demand the highest quality in product as well as in service. For that we have to be a leader in technology, image quality, motion, working with multiple cameras, drones. Those are a part of Hypertex’s everyday life. High class wedding film service is a process in which both sides must participate. This process starts some time before the ceremony begins.” When discussing the internal culture at the firm, Paweł is keen to highlight how they ensure that each member at Hypertex Film are fully- equipped to provide the best possible service to their clients. “Overall, our team is quite young, and stable. It has been created from the best camera operators and editors who worked with us among those years. “Our main rule is ‘continuous improvement. As such, all members are asked each year to participate in workshops, seminars outside of the company, as well as organising inside workshops and meetings, where we talk about our work and wonder together what we can improve. “Also, each member of team has some individual skills in one fields: equipment, editing, camera operating, drone piloting, marketing etc. Thanks to this it is much easier for us to meet our clients’ needs.” On the topic of technology, Pawel informs us of the equipment the team at Hypertex uses to offer their clients the most effective and efficient service possible. “Video is one of the quickest developing areas. Cameras, drones, other equipment change very quickly, so we established a cooperation with some equipment producers who kindly lend the equipment to us, which we test and present results on our YouTube channel.” Moving forward, Pawel signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the award-winning firm. “The most exciting project which we started to prepare is The Wedding Video School, where we want to learn and give our experience to young filmmakers. The school will be a virtual experience as well as real, through organising real workshops, and seminars. What is more, once in the year we want to organise wedding film summit, where enthusiasts can share their experiences and learn from professionals. In the years to come, within the Wedding Film School we want to make marketing seminars for wedding industry companies.” Contact: Pawe A. Piszczek Company: Hypertex Film Address: Bitwy pod Monte Cassino, Tarnów, 33-100, Poland Telephone: 0048 601 777 776 Web Address: Style