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Best Mobile Games Developers - Greenland Tech TGG18002 Run by Founder Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard, Tupilak Gaming develops mainly for iOS platform, but several of the games are for android, mac and pc as well. Drawing on his experience in technology, Ulrik develops apps and games as a hobby, and his ever-expanding portfolio has been well received by mobile users around the globe. Previously, Ulrik started to learn coding for mobile devices when he needed an educational math game in his own native language, Greenlandic. No apps or games was developed in Greenlandic back in 2011, and as such Ulrik saw a gap in the market. Being responsive to market changes, Ulrik creates solutions to problems he notices. For example, after iOS 11 the Greenlandic dictionary was not useable, this was released by the government, but they were not able to release an updated version. After few months Ulrik started on his own version, and released it ( ) In 2016, when Apple and the Greenlandic government did not make Greenlandic synthetic voice for iOS devices, Ulrik made an app for this. This is still the only Greenlandic synthetic voice for iOS devices, named iSpeak (www. ). iSpeak have 36 synthetic voices in one app. Later, in 2017 he made Hurtig Matematik which is a fun card game that helps kids learn their math tables in Danish. This was released in an English version 2018 named Quick Math ( . This is the first not digital game released by Tupilak Gaming. Non-educational games and apps are released as well, like the award-winning game Kheshig ( ), a multi-platform and multi-player strategy board game. Fundamentally, the main focus of Tupilak Gaming is on educational apps and games. When he realizes a need for a certain app or game in Greenlandic then he starts working on one, and releases it for free, so that everyone has access to his unique creations. Looking to the future, Tupilak Gaming’s main focus over the years to come will remain on educational games and apps, the majority of which will remain free to use, as Ulrik firmly believes that educational solutions should be available to everyone who wants to use them. Tupilak Gaming is a game development studio based in Sisimiut, Greenland which specialises in creating unique games and apps for mobile devices. As part of our showcase of a selection of our winners from the 2018 Toy, Game & Gadget Awards, we profiled the firm and shared the secrets behind its success. Company: Tupilak Gaming Contact: Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard Address: Box 3551, Sisimiut, 3911, Greenland Phone: 00299 553 100 Web Address: