LUX Xmas 2018

Machu Travel Peru initially started because of the need for good quality services in Peru. The company organises high quality tours for their clients, as well as working with couples and groups who are looking to explore the wonderful sights of Peru. Going into further detail about Machu Travel Peru, Hedder begins by explaining how the team are well equipped to providing the best possible service to their clients. “Here at Machu Travel Peru, we are able to deliver the best possible service to our clients by our extensive knowledge of Peru and providing services which cater to the needs of our customers. “We are a small team who work together and who know the expectations of our company. Additionally, we have been together for years and work together to ensure our clients get the best possible vacation.” When looking at the sector overall, Hedder highlights some of the trends, which have occurred, and tells us how Machu Travel follows their own path. “Changes to the Peruvian tourism sector have bought stricter laws on how the industry operates in this country. We have had to adapt our tours around these laws. In addition, we know what works best for our company and clients and have learnt from the different paths we have taken, but now we are happy with our path and do not really follow trends. Most of all, we are always looking for new areas to promote and explore.” Global change effects the tourism industry, in Peru, Hedder and the team have seen a downturn in tourism because of several different factors. Machu Travel Peru has seen a drop in customers, but through clever marketing technics and changing in their Marketing strategies, the firm have come through and now are stronger than before. Moving forward, Hedder envisions what developments within the travel industry that he foresees and how Machu Travel Peru will adapt around them. “The shift from the high street travel agent to the internet has seen thousands of business spring up online. The competition is huge especially in the Peruvian travel Market. As a company, you really need to keep ahead of the marketing and how to attract customers. We have a great marketing team who keeps up to date with all the latest internet marketing trends.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for Machu Travel Peru, Hedder signs off by revealing the exciting plans, which lie in the pipeline for LUXlife’s Most Reputable for Cultural Tours – Peru in the Global Travel & Tourism Awards 2018. “Machu Travel Peru is always looking for new opportunities and new and exciting places to show our clients. We plan to expand into different markets and grow the company with more staff and more different destinations. “Overall, we are a local based, progressive company with an experienced team. Our customer reviews are exceptional, and we have many customers that recommend us to their family and friends. Moving forward, we look forward to a bright future in the years to come.” Real Experience Machu Travel Peru is a Peruvian Company started because of the need for good quality services in Peru. Following their success in the LUXlife Global Travel & Tourism Awards 2018, we profiled the company and spoke to Hedder Quispe Puente de la Vega who revealed more about the award- winning services they provide. Company: Machu Travel Peru Contact Email: [email protected] Web Address: Oct18006