LUX Xmas 2018

64 WED18060 Studio Boutique is an innovative wedding video company based in Slovenia. Following their recent success as LUXlife’s Wedding Film Company of the Year – Slovenia, we profiled the award- winning company and spoke to Mateja Bergus who revealed the ways in which the firm are able to perfectly captures each of their clients’ special day. For many years the team at Studio Boutique have been behind cameras, and in recent years they have been focusing on recording weddings and making wedding videos. Additionally, the team are also happy to respond to the invitation to other projects.Their only goal is to create something different together, and as such they work tirelessly alongside their clients to create timeless videos. Founders Mateja and Dejan work alongside their clients to create lasting memories through film and tell the stories of the love and happiness that the couples they serve have found together. The pair draw on a vast wealth of experience to support their clients and offer them a bespoke service tailored to meet their individual needs. Together with their clients they create relaxed stories that showcase their relationship and special day. They are stories of couples who like to laugh and who can be exactly who they are. Couples who are bold and creative and who realize that things do not always go as planned: which is perfectly fine. Studio Boutique adore the little details and are always looking out for them; those first glances, the loudest cries of joy, as well as the deepest quiet moments between their couples. Mateja begins by highlighting how the dynamic duo found their personal style. “Our personal style is us. Our thinking, different perception, spontaneity, years of experience with couples from different cultures and from a truly long list of countries. Only in the past year we had couples from a staggering 21 countries! To that number, we can use our skills to get the message which is the most important to the couple. “Stories are our passion. Those full of emotions and tiny, but sweet, moments that make them remarkable. We love the spontaneity of alternative, intimate weddings that give a whole day a sense of simplicity and emphasizes love. Also, we love the demanding, luxurious weddings that are constantly dragging us out of the ‘comfort zone’, as it means clients are getting something more from us. All this is again and again a complete inspiration for an authentic, fine art film. Often, our couples describe our work as an ability to find the best in a certain reality, without creating artificial perfection.” When reflecting on what inspires Mateja, she is keen to point to how spontaneous moments are some of the key qualities which brings out her creative side. “It has always been moments which forces us to think outside of the box. It can be a random conversation with a stranger, a storm that comes, a song that play, a good photo taken, a couples favorite wedding detail, etc. If you are curious and attentive, inspiration can be found everywhere. At weddings, we are usually inspired by the couples themselves and of course the entire day.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for Studio Boutique, the team will continue to create the same unique wedding videos that their clients have come to adore, with quality and individuality remaining central to the firm’s ongoing focus. Mateja signs off by giving one piece of advice to future newlyweds who are about to begin the planning for their wedding. “Avoid overloaded schedule, which has still proved to be a time bomb. Make it a day of your dreams, expectations and wishes without hesitation.” Company: Studio Boutique Contact: Mateja Bergus Address: Cesta Alojza Travna 3a, Jesenice, 4270, Slovenia Phone: 00386 40 36 00 63 Instagram: storytellingfilms Website: Passion For Stories