LUX Xmas 2018

80 Oct18200 Sustainable Design for the Modern Market Combining aesthetic taste with environmentally friendly practices, Ecodesign & inredning AB is a truly unique interior design company. We invited Maria Östensson to showcase the firm’s talents and how it is driving sustainability in the design industry. Working predominantly in the commercial sector, over the years Ecodesign & inredning has designed a range of public spaces and corporate buildings, enhancing the environment for hundreds of people, be they visitors or staff. Maria is proud of all the hard work that has gone into the firm’s success, and is eager to outline its approach to collaborating with clients to ensure excellence in every project. “Here at Ecodesign & inredning we are constantly listening to our clients and aim to deliver a personal and high-end aesthetic result in every project. As a result of this client-focused approach we achieve satisfied customers who are happy to return should they have another project. As part of our approach we also consider the environmental ambient in which people has to work in by using and implementing healthy and natural materials, as well as using plants which clean the air and remove pollution from the air within the premises, so people feel good when spending time there. We often make custom made designs for each project in order to provide that special touch to each client and also by doing so we can have 100% control of the materials used and where it is made.” Drawing on her vast experience in the interior design space, Maria understands the latest market trends, and is pleased that these are moving towards solutions and ideas which Ecodesign & inredning already specialises in. “Operating in such a fashion-led market, we have to work hard to stay ahead of the curve and offer our clients the solutions they need. Trends vary depending on the geographic location, but often interior design trends steam from fashion design and lately the trend seasons are moving faster than in the past. Of course, we keep an eye on trends out of interest of what is going on and finding new inspiration and products, however in order to give our customers environmentally and unique interior design results we also consider how the style will stand over time. Additionally, we aim to implement a personal touch with our design solutions therefore trends are not our driving force, though we are aware of them. “Within the interior design space currently there is a rising demand for interiors that tell a story, share a message and create an emotional ‘connect’ across the design spectrum. In that sense we are lucky as we already work with that as a method, so our focus is now on marketing this and driving more clients to understand our work. “Another key focus is the connection between interior design and health, which goes far beyond a building’s impact on your physical well-being. Designers also need to consider emotional and mental health benefits of lighting, ventilation, orientation, indoor air quality and various other factors. This can at times be challenging as interior designer we do not control who the customer contract when they do a new build and often it is the economy that is the major decision point, and of course cheap is rarely the best for the environment. However, I am convinced that it’s only a matter of time before the building industry will have stricter regulations regarding building materials and methods.” With her sights set on a bright future for Ecodesign & inredning, Maria is excited to share her future aspirations with us in her concluding comments. “Going forward, we are planning to work more globally and are currently looking into structures and doing market research to map out where to focus and what implications that would mean for our business. These are exciting times for Ecodesign & inredning so watch this space!” Company Name: Ecodesign & inredning AB Contact Name: Maria Östensson Address: Thulegatan 1, 903 26 Umeå, Sweden Phone: 0046 (0)722398963 Website: Style