Aurora Borealis reflected between two fjords in Tromsø

Jacada Travel excels in crafting luxury, tailored trips that maximize your chances of witnessing the celestial display. Jacada’s travel designers draw on decades of knowledge and the best local guides to ensure you reach the prime spots at the right time. 

Where and When to See the Northern Lights?

Known as the aurora borealis, this natural phenomenon dazzles as electrically charged particles collide in the atmosphere, illuminating the sky with vibrant hues. The northern lights appear predominantly over the geomagnetic North Pole, making areas within approximately 1,500 miles of the pole prime viewing spots. In terms of conditions, you will need clear, dark skies with no city lights or moonlight for the very best visibility. Here’s Jacada’s list of their favorite places to see the spectacular natural display.

Norwegian Lapland

Located above the Arctic Circle, offers prime viewing of the northern lights from October to March due to natural low light pollution from natural and human forces. Activities here include exploring the wilderness by foot, snowmobile, or dog sled, with options to stay in the Lofoten Islands or vibrant Tromsø.

Swedish Lapland 

Is best visited from November to February when the weather is clear and nights are long. Head to the little village of Abisko for optimal aurora sightings, in what feels like the middle of nowhere. Try activities such as snowmobile safaris, learning about the Sámi culture, and photography tours. Jacada recommends staying at the intriguing Treehotel, where rooms appear as giant art installations—a mirrored cube, an enormous bird’s nest, or a UFO, to name just a few—within the forest.

Northern Iceland 

Is known as the world capital of the aurora borealis due to its proximity to the North Pole, and its conditions (longer and darker nights). Iceland is best visited from December to March and Jacada recommends a visit to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon for boat trip explorations. The best hotels include Deplar Farm and Torfhús Retreat, which both offer remote luxury plus numerous activities to enjoy across the stunning landscapes.

Finnish Lapland 

Offers pristine views of the northern lights during the long winter nights from November to January, and equally perfect white snowy landscapes. Along with family-friendly experiences like the Lainio Snow Village, where you can meet Santa, there’s the chance to observe reindeer, go snowshoeing, and explore on a snowmobile. Choose to stay at Octola, a secluded luxury hotel with traditional Finnish architecture and Nordic cuisine.

Ilulissat, Greenland

Offers a lesser-known but enticing opportunity to witness the northern lights from late September to mid-April. Outdoor adventures abound, including ice fishing, hiking, and kayaking around the icy coastline. The Hotel Arctic offers a luxurious stay with the chance to sleep in an igloo overlooking iceberg-filled waters.

Jacada’s pick of exclusive northern lights experiences:

Navigate the Norwegian Fjords by Boat

Embark on a tranquil voyage through Norway’s fjords, where ancient cliffs rise dramatically from the depths. Cruise in silence under the velvety darkness and witness the enchanting spectacle of the northern lights casting a captivating glow upon the serene waters.

Develop Your Aurora Knowledge in Iceland’s Capital

Delve into the scientific world of the Northern Lights at Iceland’s Aurora Museum, with a little magical wonder thrown in for good measure. Expert guides decipher the mysteries surrounding these celestial wonders, providing insight into the dance of particles and magnetism. Experience the magic firsthand with a screening in the Northern Lights Theatre—an enticing preview for your own journey to find the green swirling lights.

Go on a Snowmobile Expedition in Swedish Lapland

Embark on a thrilling snowmobile adventure through the expansive wilderness of Swedish Lapland, home to diverse wildlife and breathtaking aurora displays. From September to March, speed over snow-covered landscapes as your guide shares folklore tales intertwined with the mystical lights. Look out for the endangered arctic fox, majestic moose, and elusive brown bears.

Set off on a Sledge Safari Adventure in Finnish Lapland

Set off on a sledge safari across Finland’s winter wonderland, gliding through snow-covered forests and across frozen lakes. Journey far from city lights under the twinkling stars and soft moonlight, reaching the best locations to witness the mesmerizing dance of colorful ribbons in the night sky.

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