JHID Interior Design

Interior architecture and design is a truly outstanding world to be involved in, though finding the right designer to perfectly capture a personality, or an emotion within a space can be tricky. Luxury interior design is an even more exclusive world, but the work of Jane Hernon Interior Design, or JHID for short, is nothing short of exquisite. Take a peek into this luxurious world as we showcase the beauty of JHID’s work that has caused her to win the 2020 Award for Excellence in Luxury Interior Design, Yorkshire from LUXlife Magazine.

Armed with more than a quarter of a century of experience and expertise within the world of interior design, JHID is the brainchild of luxury interior designer Jane Hernon. Crafting interior spaces that are reflective of the people that live in them is no easy feat, and requires far more than just an eye for detail or fashion. Instead, it requires a designer that is willing to sit down and spend time with their clients, getting to know them. Understanding exactly what they want from a space, right down to the tiniest details and the minutiae of a space that other interior designers might otherwise ignore. Jane Hernon and her team work under four core principles that guide every design and every client interaction; personalisation, transparency, creativity, and results. By focusing on these four key areas, Jane and her team at JHID can ensure that every space that is designed is a veritable work of art, an interior masterpiece that is placed front and centre for all to see

By truly understanding each of the clients, and their multitude of needs for their own unique space, Jane and her team at JHID have successfully transformed some of the most abstract ideas into dreamy realities. It is all about delivering the personal touch that cannot be matched. To really ensure that every client is provided with the personal touch that JHID strives to deliver, Jane and her team handpick the most beautiful fabrics, wall coverings, soft furnishings, and bespoke furniture. When combined all together, the results really do speak for themselves. They are worlds of luxury, where every choice tells a story about the person or people that are living in that space. It might be the vibrancy of a particular colour choice, or the subtlety of a soft furnishing that radiates simplicity and sophistication; there is no end to the vision and outstanding work of Jane and her team.

With so many interior designers working in the market today, why choose JHID? Why partner with Jane Hernon in particular? Well, primarily for two reasons, though there are a myriad of others that are far too numerous to mention here. Firstly, the bespoke service that is provided. Rather than offer a cookie-cutter approach to designing a space, Jane and her team understand that all projects must be personalised from start to finish. It is no good offering the same service to everyone when they all want something unique and personalised. The firm’s twenty five years of experience enables and empowers it to create designs and design solutions that fit a client’s needs, aspirations, and lifestyle all in one.

Secondly, Jane and her team are industry experts. Every member of the team, including Jane herself, is an expert in their chosen field. From a whole host of qualified interior designers and architects, to seasoned project managers and bespoke furniture makers, there is no shortage of expertise and luxury interior design work going on at JHID. Together, combining all of this expertise and experience, Jane and her team of brilliant folks deliver high quality and luxury service, every single time. Each of the areas of expertise feeds into a service that makes JHID one of the most desirable interior design firms for discerning clients to work. Whether it be luxury interior design, leisure interior design, residential projects, commercial projects, furniture making, or project management, there is expertise to share at JHID.

Residential and commercial projects are two entirely different projects when it comes to the work of a luxury interior designer such as Jane. However, regardless of the project type, JHID prides itself on being able to deliver imaginative and exceptional design that is tailored to the client’s unique lifestyle, budget, needs, and requirement. Residential projects often take the form of a remodelling that clients are undertaking within their own home. Whether developing an existing scheme, or creating an entirely new one from an original concept, Jane and her team of highly qualified designers and specialists are on hand to work with the client every step of the way. At every stage, JHID seeks to be open and communicative with the client, sharing the passion for the project and wanting to get every single tiny detail absolutely perfect.

Commercial projects are often bigger in size, scope and budget, but that does not mean that the client has to sacrifice on luxury in any way, shape, or form. JHID undertakes commercial projects of all sizes, and the qualified team alongside Jane ensure tailored design perfectly compliments any ergonomic needs that the client may have. With more than twenty five years of experience working on commercial projects, JHID takes care of everything, from the planning and design phase, right through to the final installation and furnishing. A client’s project will always be completed on time and on budget with JHID at the helm. Not forgetting the four key principles of the service provided by JHID, a personal touch is key when working on commercial designs, and the experts will only implement ideas that meet the requirements of the client themselves.

Luxury comes in many forms, but it is hard to argue with the fact that Jane and her team of qualified experts always deliver the utmost in luxury interior design. The interior practice especially, is absolutely committed to achieving the best design solution, whether it be for a private residential, commercial, or leisure client. Ultimately, JHID has the experience and gravitas necessary to create, control, and deliver the perfect interior space for any client; one where luxury abounds in plenty.