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Kiwis Crowned King

When visiting a country for the first time, the excitement of trying new things and sampling the local culture is palpable. For those discerning visitors to New Zealand, XperieNZ offers a wide selection of fresh, exciting and exclusive experiences that are customised into once-in-alifetime holiday programmes. Discover why this exotic experiences company has been named New Zealand’s Best Specialty Holiday Company.

Being the youngest and most geologically diverse country, New Zealand is a natural wonder that simply begs for exploration and reverence in equal measure. From the lush rolling hills, to the crystal-clear lakes and pure white glaciers, to the rugged mountain tops and rich Maori culture, there is so much to see and do across this magnificent country. For the most discerning, adventure-seeking, and luxury-loving travellers, XperieNZ offers new, exhilarating and top-class experiences all perfectly packaged into custom-made programmes.

Offering a spectrum of activities that include hiking over volcanic mountains, gourmet vineyard lunches, vibrant art shows, adrenalinepumping white-water rafting, and luxurious golfing, there is something for every individual, couple or group with XperieNZ. Each bespoke holiday programme is crafted and designed with the utmost care, and with the guests’ desires front and centre. However, the most exciting and unique thing about this company is that each and every programme they design, even for returning visitors, is totally unique. No programme is ever repeated, ensuring that every visit offers guests something radically different that opens their eyes to a new part of this outstanding country.

Visitors to New Zealand can use XperieNZ to ensure that they don’t miss out on doing every single activity that they want to during their stay. From playing at signature golf courses to skydiving in spectacular landscapes, and glacier skiing to wild country horse treks, the list of activities is seemingly endless. Catering to all manner of travellers, programmes can be designed for adrenaline junkies, honeymooning couples, families looking to have fun, or relaxed leisure seekers. The possibilities are limited only by guests’ desires and time in New Zealand.

Getting to and from activities can be an adventure in and of itself. With a classic range of limos, luxury coaches, convertibles, touring bikes and four-wheel drive family cars, there are plenty of comfortable ways to get around the islands. But how about a luxurious yacht, top-of-the-range helicopter, or sand-surfing quad bike to get around in? With XperieNZ, the adventure doesn’t start and stop with the activities themselves – it includes the journey.

After a full day of experiencing all the delights that New Zealand has to offer, XperieNZ understands that relaxing is just as important. With a diverse range of accommodation options for any level of adventurer, guests can find their perfect haven from which to explore the natural wonder of their surroundings. From globally recognised brand names to home-grown luxury and relaxation, to private lodges and idyllic villas, finding the right spot to unwind with a glass of wine or a cuppa at the end of the day is as important as any activity.

Conscious of the big picture and how it all comes together, the team at XperieNZ ensures that everything runs smoothly on any holiday adventure programme. But it is the small things and intimate details which set this firm apart from their competitors. With a deep and far-reaching knowledge of New Zealand, professional, honest and consultative approach, creative and fun recommendations, exceptional service, and flawless execution always delivered with a smile, this team fully throws itself into crafting the perfect programme.

With a matchless desire to live life in all its glory and beauty, the Kiwi people are amongst some of the friendliest on Earth and every guest of XperieNZ experiences this tradition to its fullest – starting with the XperieNZ team. Recognising that the best experiences are delivered collaboratively, the firm diligently works to build relationships with partners who also go above and beyond in providing guests with highvalue experiences like no other.

New Zealand is a big, beautiful and bountiful smorgasbord of experiences and opportunities that are truly magical and unique. When travellers entrust their holiday programme to the team at XperieNZ, they can rest assured that they are getting an unforgettable experience full of memories to last a lifetime. From the first step off the plane to the reluctant step back onto the plane to return, guests merely have to sit back and enjoy the extraordinary adventure.

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