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Global leaders in chicken, the team at Seara Meats B.V. has built its reputation on the incredible quality of its poultry. As a supplier to some of the biggest names in the food industry, their inclusion in LUXlife’s Food and Drink Awards is no surprise. We caught up with the team to uncover how some of the most delectable dishes travel from the farm to your plate, and what sets Seara apart as a leading provider.

Excellence, quality and reliability lie at the heart of Seara. For many around the world, these values and expectations are reflected in the chicken that they provide to restaurants, take aways and retailers every day. Working in partnership with approximately 10,000 small, family-run chicken farms, the team maintain the strongest possible supply chain to keep your shelves stocked, without ever compromising on the quality of our chicken.

From our base in Brazil – the biggest supplier of chicken to the world – Seara Meats delivers our products to customers, companies and connoisseurs across the globe. At the core of Seara Meats is the relationship that the team maintains between those who breed chickens, those who ensure their health and quality and those who rely on them as a key ingredient.

Made with 100% chicken breast meat, free from artificial ingredients and palm oil, there is little finer out there than the Seara Professional range. The market has been calling out for a high-quality product that can be made available at a competitive price. Value for money is clearly important, but never at the expense of looking after animal welfare.

To complement this addition to the Seara Meats range, our business has created a delicious array of mouth-watering recipes and menus to accompany this premium range. These recipes are accompanied by step-by-step videos, perfectly showcasing how to get the very best from our first-rate produce. Our premium range is designed for chefs, consumers and connoisseurs of good food. Bringing together a wealth of different chicken farms, each of them able to pay real attention to the welfare of their animals, our team know the quality of what they can provide is second-to-none. Seara Meats provides the best vets, alongside animal health checks, support and advice to its suppliers This ensures that the facilities and production process of our suppliers stand up to the leading marketing standards which have been set by Seara Meats.

Our promise of convenience and practicality is demonstrated through our best-selling products such as battered breast chunks and southern fried goujons. However, innovation continues to take place throughout our offerings.

We are aware of the need to meet high customer expectations when it comes to health and well-being. Whilst the team has committed to supplying exemplary products, they are not surprised that the cost-of-living crisis has had an impact on their trade. Fortunately, chicken remains relatively affordable, as well as a healthy form of natural protein. Our aim is to keep providing that protein at a fair, affordable price, without compromising on quality.

Seara’s offerings have changed over the years, as consumer tastes evolve. In recent months our frozen coated category has proved a particular favourite. We continue to deliver the secret ingredient at the heart of many of the world’s most popular restaurants. But we’re also passionate about supplying chicken to small, family run restaurants and take aways, so that they can continue to create the curries, salads and stir fries you know and love.

Behind the scenes, the Seara Meats team is founded on discipline, determination and humility. It’s not enough to simply provide food that is delicious: the team’s commitment to quality underlies every part of the production process. The firm acts as a transformative force – feeding millions of families in the world every day, supporting family farms, franchises and food businesses.

For business enquiries, contact Juliano Jubileu from Seara Meats B.V via email –  [email protected] or on their website – www.searaprofessional.com

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