Worker from Desilla pouring liquid from pan into glasses

Located in Nördlingen, Germany, Destilla GmbH prides itself on more than 50 years in manufacturing natural flavours for food and beverage processing companies. To consistently achieve maximum quality, the company only uses the freshest natural products, many of which come directly from regional sources.

The flavour sector is really important within the food and drink industry. In nearly every product, there will be added flavours which lead to the taste that consumers wish. Destilla uses modern production methods to manufacture excellent product quality and fantastic natural taste. It truly stands out for its natural flavours, while the ones competitors produce are often chemical and synthetic.

For more and more consumers, it is extremely important that their food be naturally produced. And with events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, natural catastrophes, and the war in Ukraine, the flavour industry has been seeing new market trends. Consumers want to feel as good as possible in order to suppress negative feelings and thoughts about the aforementioned problematic situations. Trying something new or something you enjoy leads to a huge production in dopamine, the ‘happiness hormone’. Exotic and unfamiliar fruits and flavour combinations are particularly popular now. Destilla loves to develop new flavour combinations and wants to add unique exotic fruits to its product portfolio to fulfil consumers’ wishes.

Destilla currently delivers around 35% of its products abroad, with its goal being to broaden its global network and continuously expand its global marketing and sales, in order to reach the whole world with its tasty and natural flavours.

For all its ideas and visions, Destilla never loses sight of its core values: its origins and its roots. Its nearly 200 employees play a pivotal role in its success – and their common future, which the company is protecting and shaping through responsible, sustainable action.

The Destilla team has a family atmosphere and they work hard and help each other out as and when needed. When it comes to adding new members to the team, the company seeks individuals who are friendly, team players, open-minded, and look over the edge.

The team goes on side trips together regularly, such as hikes in the summer and concerts in winter. Colleagues spent their leisure time together, too, and become friends, and they are even more efficient at work because they enjoy each other’s company and their working environment. This family culture defines Destilla as a company.

Now the team is looking forward to the future of the business. A huge part of its work will continue to be developing new delicious and exciting flavours, while also improving existing ones. Beside this will be the construction of a new building to enlarge its production capacity and office rooms to support its ambitious growth goals that it will undoubtedly achieve.

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