Fine-jewellery brand Aisha Baker launches extension line of its fantasy-themed ‘Mirror, Mirror’ collection

Luxury jewellery brand Aisha Baker turns fantasy into reality once again, with the launch of a commercial extension of the brands celebrated ‘Mirror, Mirror’ line. 

The collection, which will launch in three parts throughout 2019, has been designed to evoke memories of childhood fairy-tales, the enchanted forests, mysterious castles and bewitching characters of folklore to create ‘wearable art’ for the 21st century woman.

Unlike the high-jewellery line which is comprised of only 5 pierces per design, each individually numbered, the commercial line will be widely available via the Aisha Baker website, as of the 1st May: 

The collection boasts true investment pieces that offer a dash of escapism from the day-to-day life; they are true collectors’ items to be passed down through families for generations to come, much like our beloved fairy tales.

Aisha Baker, Creative Director, said: “The tradition of passing down stories and fairy-tales is universal; these stories transcend language barriers and can be recognised by anyone, anywhere in the world, no matter what their background or upbringing. We’ve created this collection to be universal in the same way.”

Hoonik Chang, Jewellery Design Director added: “We were very inspired by royal history, art and the cultures of Britain, South Korea and the Middle East when designing this line. 

The collection includes the ‘Lucky You’ ring, featuring the clover, which is a symbol of good luck. Another prominent piece is the ‘Dreampedia’ book ring with clouds on the front. Clouds represent authority and power of position in Korea, with many King’s and Queen’s wearing clothing with clouds embroidered upon them throughout history. 

In South Korea, we no longer have a royal family, but I am very excited by the idea of royalty, as well as tales of princes and princesses.”

For more information on how Aisha Baker is bringing our beloved fairy-tales to life, please visit: