blue mountain

Living the High Life

There’s a lodge dedicated to pure luxury, hidden in the heart of the Panorama route. Despite its small size, this retreat punches well above its weight when it comes to delivering a relaxing environment. The Blue Mountain Luxury Lodge has perfected the art of absolute comfort, which is why it won an award from LUXlife in the form of South Africa’s Most Outstanding Luxury Lodge – 2020.

Nestled in Kiepersol, Mpumalanga, Blue Mountain Lodge is ideally situated to take advantage of everything from local beauty spots, such as the Kruger National Park, all the way through to Private Game Lodges where visitors have the opportunity to take a shot at some wilderness. The opportunities are endless for those who wish to explore the country.

At Blue Mountain Lodge, however, the team are committed trying to make their clients feel as comfortable as possible. As a 5* luxury lodge, they work tirelessly to listen carefully to what their customers really want before applying an enormous amount of expert opinions. Most people who turn to Blue Mountain Lodge for their holiday are couples looking for a romantic weekend away or a honeymoon destination.

Set within five hundred acres of bush, forestry and farmland, between the forest and the lake, Blue Mountain Lodge is unique in almost every regard. While some hotels and lodges will find a specialism, the sheer variety of activities that can be undertaken while visiting Blue Mountain Lodge could be considered overwhelming. There is the chance to find a way to relax and retreat from the everyday world that suits everybody. While some embrace the opportunity to enjoy walking and hiking trails through the vegetation, marvelling at the diversity of birdlife attracted to the contrasting colours, others prefer to try and achieve success while fishing in the dam, stocked with Black Bass. A swimming pool near the main complex is truly the perfect place to relax and bask in the sunshine.

For those who want something a little more thrilling for their holiday, there is little more exciting than learning about the helicopter excursions and hot air balloon rides. Both are very different experiences, yet offer incredibly similar journeys. If guests prefer to keep their feet more firmly on the ground, it’s possible to try one or more of these exciting options. Whether it’s quad biking, river rafting, horse riding or a safari led by an incredibly skilled guide, there’s sure to be a way of getting out there that matches up to everyone’s expectations, even if it is lounging around the pool.

Going inside Blue Mountain Lodge is as striking as the delightful exterior. The team has taken great care to create something truly inspiring in the world of luxury accommodation, evoking days long since gone when elegance and style were king. With romance woven through like a golden thread, it’s clear that the ochre stylings of this exotic location make a huge difference.

The staff, naturally, make Blue Mountain Lodge a home just as much as all of the items inside. Each is key to providing the personal touch that makes Blue Mountain Lodge so great. Where trends can come and go, good quality service is timeless. Guests can be sure that from the moment they enter the Lodge, they’ll be treated like royalty. Welcome drinks are on hand to greet you, and as far as possible, every single need will be met during the stay. There’s a reason that guests don’t just come to Blue Mountain Lodge once, but time and time again, and that is in no small part thanks to the exceptional service on offer.

Once settled, guests will notice that their room is uniquely designed, styled and fitted to set it apart. Compared to the top hotels worldwide, each room at the Blue Mountain Lodge offers a truly bespoke experience, with none quite like the others. Almost all the beds are king-sized and extra length, allowing guests to really stretch out and appreciate the depths of comfort. Unless it is genuinely antique, all of the furniture has been made especially for the rooms at Blue Mountain Lodge. This level of care and attention to detail ties the rooms aesthetically into something very special indeed.

One of the most appealing aspects of Blue Mountain Lodge is its spectacular restaurant, which promises a culinary experience to remember. Despite the high standards of everything else around the Blue Mountain Lodge, the restaurant still manages to be an enviable highlight. Making a ploy for your palate, a talented and innovative team of chefs always ensure that only the most appetising combinations leave their kitchen and make it to your table. A five course “table d’ote” menu is provided, changing daily to keep the team, and their guests, on their toes.

Food stylings follow an African/French style, with tantalising temptations in the form of spiced prawn kebabs served on green asparagus and brinjal and halloumi cheese wrapped in spring-roll pastry. A strong emphasis on fresh ingredients ensures that there is constant invention and adaptation to suit what is in season – many ingredients are grown in-house or at the nearby farm including herbs, vegetables, avocado, litchi and coffee. Pastas and bread are made fresh daily and of course this means that freshly baked muffins are available with breakfast.

Guests are invited to enjoy food at their own pace, with breakfast served until noon, sundowners on the veranda and dinner in the fine-dining restaurant. The talented Blue Mountain Lodge team will happily adapt to suit the needs of their valued clients. The isolated location does mean that it can be a bit more of a challenge to ensure that everything that a client wants is in stock, but a walk-in cellar with more than 2,000 bottles means that there is more than enough choice when it comes to wine off the shelf.

In all, what Blue Mountain Lodge offers is pure luxury. It’s not just exemplary service, but a retreat from a world full of hustle and bustle. Sometimes, it’s important to find a way to disconnect from the world and Blue Mountain Lodge offers an alternative that is incredibly appealing.