London Entrepreneur Poised to Launch Luxurious Skincare Line for Black Women Battling Hyperpigmentation

London Entrepreneur, Emilia Makosa, has answered the call of black women struggling with hyperpigmentation with a complete cosmeceutical skincare collection catering to black skin.

Ask any black woman about their primary skincare problem and rest assured that hyperpigmentation will be the overwhelming response. Hyperpigmentation is the overproduction of melanin on the skin. It manifests itself in acne marks, age spots and uneven skin tone. Although it is common across all ethnicities, it is especially difficult to treat in people of colour because darker skin has cells that are capable of producing even more melanin when inflamed or damaged. Sadly, many black women have resorted to using harmful acids and creams to achieve clearer skin.

But not anymore. Emeilleurq, pronounced E-ME-LIYA, is a luxury cosmeceutical skincare and lifestyle brand that formulates cosmetic treatment products specifically for black women struggling with hyperpigmentation. The company offers a collection of products formulated from a phenomenal cocktail of active skin brightening ingredients such as Ferulic, Kojic, Glucosamine, Niacinamide and Azelaic. The truth is that many products marketed to treat hyperpigmentation contain some of these ingredients. The problem, however, is that they do not contain enough mixtures of powerful, yet safe AHAs and BHAs to make a difference on darker skin tones.

When asked about the motivation for creating the skincare brand, Emilia explained: “As a teenager, I suffered from terrible acne and it seemed I had seen the last of it by the time I was 18 years old. As I approached my 34th birthday, I experience a bout of the worst acne ever! I tried all sorts of products both natural and medical, but after extensive trial and error, I discovered that my skin responded better and more quickly to medical and clinical skin care products. The problem was that it was just too expensive and none of the affordable brands seemed to cater particularly to black skin. That was how the idea for Emeilleurq Skincare was birthed. I wanted to do better by choosing the best mix of AHA and BHA formulations that work especially for people of colour.

Photo by Emeilleurq

Emeilleurq covers hyperpigmentation skincare from start to finish with 13 products including cleansers and toners to spot treatment and an intensive moisturiser. The collection includes a Cascading Antioxidant Crème, an Illuminating Kojic Cleanser, Hyaluronic Toner, a Mandelic Amino Acid Peel, a Tetrapeptide Moisturiser and a Luxe Toning Gel.

In a pre-launch trial of the Illuminating Peptide Cream, one customer, Hazel. M said: “I received a sample with enough product to last a week and I was very impressed by how it immediately brightened my skin and improved the texture in under a week. I’ve now bought the whole set!”

Emeilleurq will officially launch on August 20th. The products featured in the skincare collection are competitively priced starting from as low as £17.99. For further information on how to get two free samples of the products or to browse the collection visit Emeilleurq’s website.