WE11 is the new fitness-wellness concept set across 4,500 sq. ft on Great Portland Street, and London’s answer to the often-restrictive culture of mainstream gyms.

Providing luxury flexible co-working spaces for freelance professionals and their clients, WE11 is a new independent fitness concept that enables freelance trainers and therapists to take back control of their industry and champion their passion for fitness and wellness by working with their clients in a top-spec fitness studio. WE11 was created in response to the industry’s inability to meet the needs of freelance fitness and wellness professionals, who struggle with the restrictive cultures of mainstream gyms, such as monthly-rate commitments and contracts. WE11 offers a unique space that is bookable by the hour without commitment, enabling freelance professionals and their clients to click and train at a time suited to them.

WE11 Studio – Our fitness studios are specifically designed for personal training sessions with high quality and versatile equipment, enabling trainers to write complete, varied and effective programmes. Spread across two floors, the WE11 fitness studio features state of the art equipment powered by Eleiko, who also work with the British Olympics team amongst others. Additionally, there are two fully equipped treatment rooms available for freelance therapists to ensure that every element of the wellness experience is catered for.

WE11 Lounge – The WE11 Lounge is the centre of the WE11 community and is a uniquely designed coworking space. The Lounge is also a place to eat lunch, grab a protein shake and wait for your next appointment. It’s also an office where you can catch up on your business needs and network with the other members of our fitness community. WE11 offers free Wi-Fi, a comfortable seat and a space to hold collaborative meetings built upon the ethos of creating a healthy environment for all our professionals, their clients and to the public.

Designed from the ground-up with fitness and wellness professionals at the core of WE11’s mission, Sam Unadkat, founder and CEO, comments:

“Our vision at WE11 is to inspire and support the growth of freelance professionals by providing an affordable, flexible and luxurious fitness studio along with therapy rooms. Whether you’re an established freelancer or starting out in the industry, we are giving professionals their independence and the ability to grow their business. I personally wanted to empower and help professionals support their client’s goals in the most meaningful and impactful way. We are disrupting the way in which conventional gyms operate with no monthly fixed fees, no commitment and affordable pricing. The current attitude towards professionals has been tied into restricted establishments which require long-term commitment. We just want to encourage and support freelance professionals and prevent them from being taking advantage of. We also benefit individuals who are committed only to their Personal Trainer yet are traditionally obliged to sign up as a gym member. We are a member-ship free studio and their fee is to the PT, not us. It’s a win-win!”

Sam Unadkat, founder and CEO

WE11 Design – Designed by award-wining interior architect Bergman Interiors, WE11 embraces a unique luxury vibe, enhanced by natural ribbed timber panels, sustainable gathered finishes and cement decorated terrazzo tiles. The main theme of the studio is to create an aesthetically pleasing environment, juxtaposed against the elite training equipment. The effortless flow of the studio from the moment clients enter the WE11 Lounge through to finishing in the changing rooms, creates a fitness and wellness experience that generates a community feel of working out in your own studio surrounded by those who share the same passion.

WE11, 29-31 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 8QG

Website: www.we11.com

Instagram: @we11_ldn

Facebook: @WE11LDN