Wedding days are, notoriously, expensive – especially in the luxury sphere. Yet, there are plenty of ways to reduce cost. Taking inspiration from Sunny.co.uk’s recently released master-list of wedding day tips, LUXlife have chosen to spotlight just a few of the very best.

Tip 1: Alternative Venues

Go the alternative route to make savings when it comes to location.

Fun fact: only a quarter of weddings in the UK happen in churches. Today’s couples are looking beyond the expected and the traditional to more unusual venues, enjoying the plethora of choices on offer. Whether it be a quaint village hall, museum, or magical forest clearing, the world is truly your oyster. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box when it comes to securing that picture-perfect wedding day.

Things to Consider:

  • You will need to ask permission first from whoever owns the land or building.
  • If it’s an unusual venue that doesn’t normally take bookings for an event, make sure you get any agreement in writing (especially when it comes to locking down dates!)
  • In the likelihood that the venue is unlicensed, the ceremony may not be legally binding. If you want to be officially recognised as a couple you will need to follow up with a register office.

Tip 2: Do It Yourself

Take inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and get your hands dirty

Sure, you can pay through the roof for a professional wedding planner, the best florists and the most must-have of event decorators, but there’s plenty of ideas out there for enterprising couples who don’t mind letting their creative flair fly.

  • The rustic aesthetic is in and, better yet, can be perfected with little in the way of expenditure. Upcycle. Recycle. Naked weddings cakes. Seasonal flowers. Hessian table runners. Anything goes. Embrace nature.
  • Instagram is simply bursting with colourful wedding day inspiration. Experiment with bright colours, pastels and tones to really make your special day ‘pop’. Be eye-catching and different. If you opt for a traditional white tablecloth, though in some colour with the napkins. Add a burst of colour through buttonholes and
  • There’s something just a bit more personal about hand-made decorations – enjoy the process. This is your wedding day. Own it.

Tip 3: It’s All about the Day

No surprises here, but summer weddings are more expensive due to demand

Don’t dismiss the allure of a winter wedding. Take advantage of the season and opt for an intimate festive event, resplendent with cosy trimmings that leave the cold weather at the door. Think blankets, crackling hearths and mulled wine. A treat.

  • Capitalise on spring and book a date just as the weather is warming up. Avoid the sky-high summer costs and celebrate your new life together at the perfect time of year.
  • Equally, weekday weddings are rare (though, not ideal in terms of guaranteeing guest attendance). Book a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for maximum savings.

Research suggests the 9th September and 26th August are the most popular dates for weddings – expect to pay a premium if you want to lock them down for your special day.


Tip 4: Cut down (Gasp!)

Brace yourself, sometimes it’s worth seriously considering what you need versus what you want.

The bitter pill to swallow. If you’re really looking to cut down cost, it might be worthwhile to consider what is a true luxury and what you simply can’t do without. With the average cost of a UK wedding now sitting at around £17,500, that’s a lot of potential savings to be had.

  • Do you really need an extravagant wedding with all the trimmings?
  • Do you need an extensive wedding party with a dozen bridesmaids or groomsmen?
  • Do you need that wedding photographer to be at the venue for the entire day?

It’s all food for thought, at the very least.

To see the full list of wedding tips, visit Sunny.co.uk: https://sunny.co.uk/good-vibes/wedding-saving-guide/