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The Toy, Game & Gadget Awards

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The Toy, Game & Gadget Awards

In its inaugural year at LUXlife Magazine, the 2018 Toy, Game & Gadget Awards looks to show its appreciation to the innovators and fabricators of the devices, puzzles and objects which have captured the attention and inspired the imagination of the young and old alike. Whether these amusements and pass times are designed to engage the mind, broaden our hand-eye coordination or allow us escape from the mundane, The Toy, Game & Gadget Awards will reveal the dedicated architects behind the industry that gives us so much. We wanted to showcase not only world-famous brands but also smaller, independently run establishments as well as those working behind the scenes to ensure that every consumer has an experience that they will remember for all the right reasons. Winners Announced! Please See the Full list of Winners and Check Out This Month’s Issue to Find Out More About a Selection of Our Winners!!

Contact the Awards Coordinator

Our award coordinator is dedicated to assisting you with all aspects of our awards process. Whether you need guidance on the nomination process, require clarification on criteria, or seek insights into the selection process, our coordinator is here to provide expert support.

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Jessie Wilson

Awards Coordinator

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See Previous Winners

Get a glimpse into the exceptional individuals and organizations that have previously been honoured with our awards. This archive is not only a celebration of past triumphs but also serves as a source of inspiration, setting the bar for future aspirants looking to leave their mark in the realm of luxury and excellence. Explore the legacy of success and the stories behind the victories that have shaped our prestigious history.

It is the first year this award has run. Winners will be displayed here after the official announcement, so come back and see them soon!