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Vinyl and Record Awards

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Vinyl and Record Awards

Vinyl and Record Awards 2019

In a digital age, some people still like to enjoy the purity of sound offered by vinyl records. Enough people, within the last decade, to see record sales rise to heights unseen since the 80’s. Revitalising a struggling industry did not just happen by accident though, so LUXlife Magazine would like to thank the dealers, collectors, pressers, and masters of audio post production, in the Vinyl & Record Awards 2019. The Vinyl and Record Awards 2019 looks to reveal the most outstanding contributors to the production and distribution of vinyl records and celebrate their innovation and determination to the resurrection of this audio medium. You can celebrate the revival of vinyl records with LUXlife Magazine and discover who are the best in the industry today. Should you wish to nominate, or vote for a candidate you feel is deserving, hurry and nominate now. (self-nominations are permitted)  

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Our award coordinator is dedicated to assisting you with all aspects of our awards process. Whether you need guidance on the nomination process, require clarification on criteria, or seek insights into the selection process, our coordinator is here to provide expert support.

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Laura Hunter

Awards Coordinator

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Get a glimpse into the exceptional individuals and organizations that have previously been honoured with our awards. This archive is not only a celebration of past triumphs but also serves as a source of inspiration, setting the bar for future aspirants looking to leave their mark in the realm of luxury and excellence. Explore the legacy of success and the stories behind the victories that have shaped our prestigious history.

It is the first year this award has run. Winners will be displayed here after the official announcement, so come back and see them soon!