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Winter Sports Awards

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Winter Sports Awards

Winter Sports Awards

Making its debut at LUXlife Magazine, the 2019 Winter Sports Awards aim to provide recognition and reward those deserving candidates within this diverse and exciting sector. With indoor skiing and snowboarding becoming ever more popular, the world of winter sports is now more accessible than ever before. We are looking at those companies who have strived to enhance and improve peoples’ experiences within the winter sports community, whether it’s providing top class sporting equipment, manufacturing such equipment, instructing and guiding, running resort accommodation or serving hot food and drinks after a day of adventure. Our dedicated awards programme will delve deep to discover the most suitable and deserving winners based on their merits over the last 12 months to ensure only the most deserving walk away with one of our prestigious titles. If you can think of anyone deserving of taking home one of our awards, then please leave their details in the nomination form.

Contact the Awards Coordinator

Our award coordinator is dedicated to assisting you with all aspects of our awards process. Whether you need guidance on the nomination process, require clarification on criteria, or seek insights into the selection process, our coordinator is here to provide expert support.

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Natalie Farrell

Awards Coordinator

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See Previous Winners

Get a glimpse into the exceptional individuals and organizations that have previously been honoured with our awards. This archive is not only a celebration of past triumphs but also serves as a source of inspiration, setting the bar for future aspirants looking to leave their mark in the realm of luxury and excellence. Explore the legacy of success and the stories behind the victories that have shaped our prestigious history.