LUXlife had a chance to have a one to one interview with Scarlet and their CEO Marc Ahmed. Scarlet is one of the world’s most exclusive luxury party and wedding planners. 

From bespoke glass house creations for wet weather, to international theatre kitchens and the top venues for throwing a summer extravaganza – Monte Carlo and Chateau de Chantilly – Scarlet has created stunning events around the world. 

Tell us about Scarlet?

Scarlet specialises in global event production, organising bespoke events, parties and weddings for some of the most discerning clientele from across the world.

 What separates you from other event organisers on the market?  

We organise everything for the events from start to finish, in-house. Including all of the hotel rooms, airport transfers, ground transportation for guests, make up salons and many other things that event organisers usually refuse to get involved with. We never say no to our clients and no matter how big or small the request, even non-event related – we’ll get it done. It’s not unusual for us to organise a holiday for our clients before and after their events.


How did you get into the events industry? 

I was always the one coordinating private parties at University, but after graduation I became a personal trainer until injury forced me to give it up. Whilst around the same time by chance I bumped into an old friend who was in events. I started working with him and from there I decided to branch out on my own.

 What inspires you to create amazing events? 

The love of bringing ideas to life and watching the client and their guest’s reactions to something you have spent months putting together. We love creating unique designs and unforgettable experiences and we take inspiration from so many different places; it could be from a memorable location for the client or perhaps a tile from their estate. All we need is an idea, and the rest falls into place. 

 Which is your favourite location to organise a summer event and why? 

In the UK – West Wycombe Estate or Wrotham Park, simply because of the great outdoor space available and the grand stature of both venues. If we look at destinations abroad then

Lake Como and the Côte d’Azur would win hands down.

Lionel Ritchie

How important is food and alcohol when organising and event 

Food and drink is key but making it a memorable experience for guests is the fun part. Make it different and your guests will love you for it. Use exciting glassware for the drinks and offer a Champagne cocktail instead of the usual glass of bubbles. Formal seated dinners are starting to disappear in favour of interactive live food stations with cuisines from around the world so that guests are engaged in a touch of culinary theatre.

 How much budget would you say is needed for a great event? 

It all depends on what the client wants, for example if we need to build the venue from the ground up or if we need to transform an empty shell. Headlines acts can cost millions. Typically for the event on its own, we usually ask clients to start from a minimum of £500,000 but it’s not unusual for them to spend a few million.

Who has been the best celebrity you have worked with?  

We have worked with a number of incredible music artists, one of my favourites has to be Lionel Ritchie.


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CEO Marc Ahmed