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LUXlife’s Guide To Planning An Unforgettable Yacht Party

Parties are a symbol of decadence, class and style, with hosts and guests alike judged on everything from what they wear to whom they choose to attend with and more.

Whilst guidelines for formal party guests are widely observed, many hosts struggle to understand and fulfil their obligations and give their discerning invitees the sumptuous experience they are expecting.

One of the most impressive ways to create a spectacular party experience is to host a celebration onboard your own private yacht, as these magnificent vessels are feats of phenomenal engineering and crafted to perfectly navigate stunning expanses of open water.

For those hosts who are planning to organise an impressive party on their yacht, here are some of LUXlife’s top tips to ensure the event goes without a hitch and is the talk of the town.

Select An Impressive Yacht

The first decision you need to make is what vessel you’re going to host your party on. If you already have a fleet, then try to choose a modern yacht that will astound guests or a vintage vessel that has been lovingly restored to its former glory. Shabby, unloved yachts that have been in a dry dock for a few years will not create the correct atmosphere. Should your own vessels not be up to the standard your guests are expecting, or you simply wish to expand your collection ahead of your soiree, explore the collection on offer on Boats For Sale, where you can find elegant yachts that will make the ideal party venue.

Decide On A Location For Your Party

yacht location

The beauty of hosting a party on a yacht is that you can travel to any of the world’s most scenic ports and moor there for your party or meet guests at the shore and then sail them off into the sunset for your celebration. The choice is yours but try to consider whether your guests will be comfortable sailing, if you wish to have entertainment and other amenities bought onboard throughout the celebration and how many provisions your vessel can hold when at sea. Make your choice carefully so that you can plan a party that everyone will enjoy.

Put Together An Illustrious Guest List

When choosing invitees for your party, make sure that you select only the most respectable and renowned individuals in your social circle. Your yacht has a limited capacity, and with staff to take into consideration you need to be selective about who you invite. Try to invite guests who already know one another, so that they will all have a pleasant experience.

Set A Dress Code

dress code

Inviting your guests to your party means telling them all of the details, including what they are expected to wear. Whilst you do not need to plan their outfit for them, it is important that you select a dress code that will allow everyone to feel comfortable, confident and chic. Be sure to abide by your dress code yourself, because as the host you will set an example that everyone else will feel obliged to follow. Offer advice to everyone who is unsure so that everyone dresses appropriately and looks as good as they feel.

Theme Your Party Around The Season

If you’re hosting your event during a specific time of year, such as Christmas, New Year or the summer solstice, then consider setting a theme. This will dictate the dress code, and also what food you serve and the decorations you incorporate, so choose wisely and make the theme clear to all your guests.

Hire Reliable Staff

With the details of the party planned, now you need to move on to making practical decisions, such as who will serve the food and greet guests. For this, you will need to hire dedicated staff who have experience working at exclusive parties. Work with an elite staffing agency to find the team who can take your soiree to the next level.

Plan A Decedent Menu

Guests will be expecting to be fed and enjoy an array of indulgent cocktails at your celebration, so make sure that you don’t disappoint by creating a luxurious menu. Collaborate with your catering team to devise a menu that is delicious and can be adapting around the limitations of being onboard a yacht. Catering for a premier event can be a challenge, but if you take the time to devise the right menu then you’ll be able to please everyone and ensure that they remember your food as affectionately as they do the party as a whole.

Hosting any party can be a stressful experience, and one onboard a yacht is even more so as there are more factors to consider. Follow these tips to craft an enhancing celebration that guests will speak fondly of for many years to come.