For pretty much everyone, 2020 was a grim year, mostly spent inside, cooped up in your home with nothing to do. Now that we’re coming through to the other side of the pandemic, people are looking for ways to spend their time again. For those who have plenty of disposable income, they may have saved quite a bit of money over the last year which they are now able to spend. This has driven a rise in the popularity of luxury hobbies as people want to be able to treat themselves to something special. This article is going to tell you which are the luxury hobbies that everyone wants to have in 2021.



In many big cities, there has been a large exodus of people moving into the countryside. The perks of living in a large urban community became completely redundant during the pandemic. Those who live in smaller towns and work remotely have gained a new appreciation for the night’s sky. The number of people googling gift ideas for astronomy lovers goes to show how much this hobby has increased in popularity. Telescopes are expensive bits of kit and getting a good one could set you back thousands of dollars. The calm stargazing brings, scanning the sky for planets and solar system has great appeal, especially as you can do it almost anywhere. Driving off to a quiet field, far away from any light pollution is something that has been uniquely captivating this past year. 


Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing has been around for hundreds of years but has mostly remained the hobby of the upper classes. Since the start of this year, people are looking for ways to socialize and meet new people. Ballroom dancing is a great way to do that and with some classes where you change partners frequently, make lessons a bit like speed dating. Having been denied social encounters for so long, it is no wonder that people are flocking to take up ballroom dancing. It’s great exercise too and can be a good way for older people to remain active. Ballroom dancing is one of the most popular luxury hobbies of 2021. 


Scuba Diving

Learning to scuba dive is on many peoples’ bucket lists. Getting a qualification, being able to spend time underwater, way deeper than you could feasibly swim is appealing. Once you have your license you can rent gear wherever you like, which can make your beach holidays a whole lot more interesting. Getting to that point, however, is very expensive. It takes a lot of lessons to be able to pass the test and the cost of the qualification itself is around $500. If you want to buy your own equipment as well, that’ll be a big chunk of change. People are looking towards taking longer holidays in the post-pandemic world and want a way to have a new experience. Scuba diving is one of the most popular luxury hobbies in 2021. 


Sky Diving

After spending more than a year in solitude, with very little in the way of excitement, adrenaline junkies are looking to get their fix. Sky diving is an expensive hobby but is such a unique experience that more and more people are looking to give it a go. Much like scuba diving, sky diving is also something that you can do on holiday and can be a way of experiencing a place in a way that most people cannot. Throwing yourself out of an airplane with just a parachute might not sound like everybody’s idea of a good time but you’d be surprised how many people want to try it. Sky diving has become a really popular luxury hobby in 2021. 


Car Collecting

Although most people were in lockdown for a lot of 2020, recreational driving has become a popular pastime. As it is something that you can do alone, or at least in your own private space, it has become a way of people getting a change of scene. Collecting old cars and doing them up is also a hobby that really came into its own last year and has continued in popularity this year too. Naturally buying cars is expensive anyway and you’ll generally need an extra garage to store them in. All these costs add up and make it a luxury hobby that the average person cannot afford. 



Traveling is often seen as part of a holiday rather than a hobby, but for those who do it often it becomes a hobby. Many people have got the itch to explore the world and with the ability to work remotely becoming more available, there has been a rise in hobby travelers. It’s an expensive habit traveling the world but many people consider it to be a priceless experience. In the coming months many people will be taking up traveling as a luxury hobby. 


Mountain Climbing

This hobby will be wrapped for many people in their desire to travel but it is something that you can do closer to home as well. Going for walks was one of the only things people were able to do last year and many have gotten really into it. After climbing a few mountains locally, the more adventurous climbing hobbyists will be looking for the next biggest peak to scale. The sense of accomplishment of getting to the top of something that is a few thousand meters high is incredible. Traveling to another country and paying for local guides makes this hobby more of a luxury. 


Treat Yourself

For those who managed to keep their jobs and had plenty of disposable income, this last year has been an opportunity to save a large sum of money. Now that the world is on the road to recovery, people are looking for ways to treat themselves with luxury hobbies they couldn’t previously afford. Some of the most popular ones that people are taking up are; stargazing, ballroom dancing, scuba diving, sky diving, car collecting, traveling, and mountain climbing. By taking up these luxury hobbies people can experience new things and enjoy life how they want to again.