Having a solid foundation to build your outfits around is key for the modern man. Men’s fashion often revolves more around timeless style than current fashion trends that soon fade in popularity. As such, here are a few luxury pieces that you should consider to ensure that you have a timeless wardrobe.


When it comes to luxury jewellery, there are a few staples that are worth investing in.

First up – the watch. A luxury watch can have more value than simply being stylish, they can have a great return on investment too. As such, investing in a luxury piece such as an OMEGA watch means that you will have an item that signifies your extravagant taste but is also suitable for everyday wear.

Having a range of rings isn’t necessary if they aren’t your style, but having one or two in your collection is recommended. If you are married you will, of course, need a wedding band and with so many types to choose from nowadays you are sure to find something to suit your taste.

Other ring options include signet rings which are traditionally worn to represent a person, family or institution remain a perfect way to add personality and sophistication to your look.

Cufflinks add a sophistication and luxury edge to your outfit that buttons simply fail to do, so you should look to add at least one versatile pair to your jewellery collection.

A suit

A well-tailored suit will always have a place in the stylish man’s wardrobe. You should look to invest in a suit or two that are custom-fit. For example, you may need a shorter arm for the blazer or a longer leg in the trouser. The single-breasted, two-button jacket will always be the top choice for men due to the complimentary cut designed to frame the head and broaden the shoulders.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the younger generations’ view and interest in suits. Rather than being worn purely as a display of formality or a business mindset, suits are fast becoming a way to show style and personality. This is highlighted by the interest in patterned suits, foulard ties and loafers.

A good suit can be dressed up or down and worn separately making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Dress shoes

Investing in a quality pair of dress shoes will prepare you for events that require something more formal than trainers – be it a wedding, business meeting or even just a date. The right pair of dress shoes will give you a more polished look, give you better posture and exhibit style and good taste.

There are several kinds of dress shoes to choose from including casual, edgy and formal. The formal shoe is generally the most popular such as a pair of Oxfords, but casual loafers or an edgy boot can elevate your look and are dressier than the average trainer.

You should be aware of the material, design and comfort of the shoe before you commit to a purchase. This may mean trying multiple styles to find the best fit. You will want these shoes to last you years and many occasions so you should aim to invest in a quality pair that will stand the test of time.