Luxury Travel

It starts at the spas.


Out-of-home wellness is desired by everyone. But especially by those who can pay for pampering. 

76% of American Express survey respondents said they’d spend more on health-related travel, and 55% said they’d pay more for wellness activities. 

Wellness tourism will grow 21% year from 2020 to 2025, according to the Global Wellness Institute. 

Hotels have reacted by providing non-spa wellness choices. New wellness resorts emerge. 

Sensei Wellness Spas use science to enhance health. After your sensei examines your blood pressure and functional movements, you receive a tailored schedule of courses and activities, such as a full-body strength circuit, lakeside meditation, and an indoor-outdoor hales treatment (individual spa villas). Most wellness spas offer the traditional tennis lesson and swimming pools. But now they’ve added things like e-biking and VR workouts. With your own personal sensei instructor by your side at all times. It’s like combining Jeeves with Richard Simmons!


Around the world in eighty books

Even diehard fans of Agatha Christie may be surprised to learn that her prolific, 66-novel oeuvre is the best-selling of all time, with only the Bible and the works of William Shakespeare outselling it. The latest cinematic adaptation of the legendary Death on the Nile premieres today in theaters across the country.

The year 2022 will mark the 100th anniversary of Agatha’s groundbreaking Grand Tour, which consisted of a journey around the world that lasted for ten months and began in London in January 1922. Agatha’s travels during this time inspired the unique stories that made her famous and established her as England’s queen of crime. In order to celebrate this one-of-a-kind milestone, fans of Agatha Christie and daring travelers alike may now retrace the author’s incredible journey, beginning in the United Kingdom and continuing on to other continents such as Africa, Australasia, and North America. Several tony travel agencies have put together an itinerary of the great mystery author’s travels, duplicating hotels and sightseeing as much as possible.  

During one of the two nights spent in London as part of the package, guests will have the opportunity to speak with famous English historian L. Worsley or Jimmy Prichard, Christie’s great-grandboy and CEO of A.C. Limited. During the chat, guests will learn about the author’s amazing life and legacy. On the Blue Train, Agatha’s voyage from Cape Town to Pretoria is recreated as a sumptuous railway ride that evokes the golden era of train travel in Africa, when her adventures inspired her 1924 book The Man in the Brown Suit. This leg of the 10-night program also includes a visit to the magnificent Cape Winelands in South Africa.

More agile guests may take the other direction and head to Kathmandu for the Everest Base Camp trek. Sights and sounds, climate and altitude will invigorate and enliven the adventure seeker.

There are similar luxury excursions available for fans of Sherlock Holmes, whose clients came from far away places like Bohemia, South Africa, and the Andaman Islands. And let’s not forget about the giant rat of Sumatra! Tourists visit these places with tour guides who live and breathe Sherlock Holmes, staying at four star resorts and eating blue ribbon meals that might even goggle the great detective!