Provence offers the best ideal destination for summer delights through its vibrant lifestyle. Provence’s vibrant colours in the warm and sunny season make it habitable for all travellers and wine connoisseurs. The French countryside offers charming medieval villages with fragrant lavender fields and lush green vineyards. Unlike most other fascinating regions, Provence has family-friendly villas in the French countryside, surrounded by tall trees, blooming roses and romantic décor. These luxury villas provide a respite from modern settings, allowing you to create a lifetime of unforgettable memories from your Luxury vacation to Provence. These villas are in the most accessible area where one can use their car, bus or plane to land.

Here are some luxury rental villas you should consider while exploring the heat of the French countryside.

Villa Allure

The premise is bright and spacious, making it the ideal place to stay with your loved ones. This luxurious chick has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, three living rooms, two open kitchens, two dinning rooms and a laundry room. It also has some indoor and outdoor amenities that you may need.

Bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry room

All bedrooms are located in the main house and furnished with one double bed.

The first bedroom is also equipped with a dressing room, a TV, a nature view and a terrace; the second bedroom has an office area; and the fourth bedroom has a nature view and a balcony. All the bathrooms have a double sink, a walk-in shower and a toilet, except for bathroom one, which lacks a walk-in shower but is equipped with a bathtub. Bathroom five, however, has a single sink and the laundry room has a washing machine and a dryer.

Dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens

Dining room one has eight seats, while dining room two is equipped with twelve seats. While both kitchens have an oven, ice machine and three refrigerators, kitchen two also have a bar while kitchen one has a central island, dishwasher, hood, oven, microwave, kettle, toaster and a Nespresso machine. Living room one and two are equipped with two sofas and a fireplace. However, living room one has a Hi-fi stereo and room two has a one arm chair. The third living room is fitted with a TV, one sofa and a bookshelf.

Villa Terra

This villa is another absolute haven of peace in the French countryside. This elegant lady has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a laundry room, an open kitchen, two dining rooms and two living rooms. This facility is well-fitted for amenities, e.g., swimming, a gym and many others.

Bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry room

The laundry room is equipped with a dryer, a washing machine and a client. The bedrooms are all located in the main house. They have an alluring and delightful design and are equipped with a double bed. The beds in the bedroom are linked double beds. You can enjoy a walk-in shower in bathrooms one, two and three or a steam shower in bathroom four. Access a sink and a separate toilet in bathrooms two, three and four or enjoy a double sink in bathroom one.

The dining room, living room and kitchen

The kitchen is modernized and equipped to serve you at the highest level. There’s nothing you may need or lack in this kitchen, starting with refrigerators, a Nespresso machine, an oven and a dishwasher. The dining rooms are furnished with ten seats; one living room has a TV and two sofas; the other has two sofas, two arm chairs and a bar. All are fitted to serve your luxury travel to Provence.


After forgetting your obligations for refreshment on a luxury travel to Provence, you deserve a memorable moment. In the Provence, there are unlimited sites for you to explore. You can adventure in the cute towns, picturesque villages, vineyards, and magnificent landscapes. These luxury villas make your stay in Provence comfortable, adventurous and enjoyable. For the off-season explorers, Provence offers you a substantial Seren experience where you can enjoy skiing. You can also explore the picturesque villages and local cuisine without the hustle and buckle. No time or the weather should limit you from exploring the heat in the French countryside. There is no excuse to not creating magical moments in Provence.