Whether you go cruising in the Mediterranean or just treat your family to a weekend at the nearby lake, the water bodies make for a lovely vacation. A testament to this is the 12 million recreational boating vessels registered in the United States. While most of this activity is concentrated in Florida, several other states also have a sizable recreational boating industry.

Several vessels are used to navigate the waters for a luxury vacation. From center console boats to superyachts, luxury vacation boats come in all shapes and sizes. While you can personally own some of these boats, the rest offer commercial vacations. Read on to learn more about luxury vacation boats:

1. Center Console Boats

The simplest luxury vacation boats, center console boats are perfect for taking your family out on the weekend for water activities. These boats are named because the console from which you can steer the ship is at the center. The front – the bow – and the back – the stern – of the ship are open deck spaces. The comfort and open layout of the boat makes it ideal for water skiers or just those looking to cruise the waters with friends and family!

The amenities you get in a center console boat depend upon its size. A vessel under 25 feet is usually for fishing and will have few luxurious amenities. However, ships ranging from 30 to 60 feet have amenities such as a stereo system, USB ports, and coolers. This type of boat is perfect for a luxury family vacation. Depending on your boat, you can also have air conditioning, dinette tables, and entertainment centres. An elegant vessel will add to your quality of life, but few other boats can make your family vacations enjoyable the way a center console boat can.

2. Deck Boats

These boats take their name from their ample deck space and are suitable for vacations. Their unique deck is a consequence of their V-shaped hull design that adds more space and keeps the boat stable. The open deck structure and plenty of space make them an excellent option for throwing parties! However, partying is not their only utility: you can also use these versatile boats for a family vacation and water sports.

Deck boats owe their popularity to their speed, ease of use, and requirement of little maintenance. They are easy to familiarize yourself with and usually come with a storage area, life jackets, and other accessories. They also typically have a powerful engine to support their fast speed.

3. Houseboats

Imagine if you could live on the waters! Houseboats make this possible: these commercial boats double as a house, and people often use them for throwing parties: A party on moving waters would be very memorable! Houseboats are also famous for water sports and getaway vacations. They are big enough for two to four families, ranging from 30 to 75 feet in length and having multiple decks.

Houseboats are of two types depending on their movement through the water: static houseboats and houseboats with propulsion capabilities. Static houseboats are essentially just a house in the middle of the water, so they are less popular. Luxury parties and family vacations happen on a moving houseboat with propulsion capabilities.

4. Yacht

These gigantic vessels are synonymous with luxury. Yachts are recreational boats designed for luxurious purposes. Yachts contain luxurious cabins known as staterooms, a dining room, and a gallery. Depending upon your needs, you can add other luxurious rooms to your yachts, such as a casino or bar.

A typical yacht is usually 20 meters and has a propulsion motor of around 500 horsepower. A popular commercial way to have a yacht party is to charter a yacht. If you also need a crew for the ship, consider asking for a skippered yacht charter.

Shielding Yourself From Weather During Your Vacation

Unless you’re on a yacht or a houseboat, being on a boat means you are vulnerable to the weather – the sun, the rain, and strong winds can all ruin your vacation. You can prevent this by getting your vessel a top or a canvas. These boat tops come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and you can customize them according to your preferences. Two standard boat tops are T-tops and bimini tops.

1. T-Tops

A t-top is essentially a metal frame fit over the deck of your boat to protect you from the weather. T-tops derive their name from the shape of their structure – they look like a “T” when viewed from the side.

The advantage of this shape is that it provides 360-degree access around the boat, allowing you to participate in water activities without any obstruction. Historically, T-tops used to be expensive accessories fitted directly by the manufacturers, but these days, universal T-tops are available at low prices. Universal T-tops are adjustable and can accommodate a wide range of boats. Get a T-top for your vessel from a reputable business such as Stryker T-tops.

2. Bimini Tops

A bimini top is an open-front canvas top to provide shade to the cockpit and protect it from rain. Bimini tops are collapsible, and you can remove them when they are not needed. However, they come in the way and do not allow for 360-degree access around the boat.

End note

A luxury water vacation can just be the thing you need to unwind and reduce stress levels. Several boats can be used for holidays, including center console boats and deck boats if you primarily want to go on an intimate vacation with your family or close friends.  You can get a houseboat or charter a yacht if you want a more luxurious time.

When you are at sea, you can be affected by the sun, wind, and rain. Consider adding a T-top to your boat to protect yourself from the weather while having full access to the vessel.