Luxury Ways to Embrace the Great Outdoors

Luxury Ways to Embrace the Great Outdoors

When we have spent the best part of the last year indoors, there is no surprise that many reading this will be itching to get out and about in the vast outdoors. Walks in our local area have kept us going and have given us the opportunity to explore places in our local area that we may not have been aware existed. 

Following the recent news from the UK government detailing the route out of lockdown, that international travel could be making a comeback in time for the summer, we are confident that the idea of getting away once more has been at the forefront of many people’s minds.  

We recognise that many people will enjoy getting out and about in the great outdoors and that they have no issue with getting to grips with nature while camping and through other activities. While that is very well the case for many people, there will be some who simply prefer doing so in a more luxurious way, and that is where we come into the equation! 

We have compiled a helpful list below of how you can embrace the great outdoors but in a luxurious way. Read on for some inspiration for your next trip away!  


A term that many of us have become more accustomed to over time and an activity that has increased in popularity. Not to mention, it has even made its way into the Oxford dictionary! Glamping is the type of camping that provides its visitors with more upmarket facilities than what you would usually expect while on a camping trip. 

For those who plan to head on a staycation in the UK when lockdown restrictions are lifted, this is an ideal suggestion for you. More so, when wanting to treat yourself to a luxury trip away following what has been a rather tumultuous time for us all.  

Glamping comes in many forms, including the likes of treehouses, domes, bell tents, and pods. For those who usually live in a bustling city and who are accustomed to their mod-cons but want a taste of the countryside, this is perfect for you!  

Not to mention, glamping has even made it to the festival scene; those who are heading to a festival to camp for several days but don’t want to get too muddy can experience their entire stay from the comfort of a glamping pod. Fantastic, if you ask us!  

Thinking of Heading Abroad? 

If you are anything like us, you have been dreaming of the days when you can step off an aeroplane on a daily basis. The excitement of packing and making the early morning trip to the airport just can’t be matched and is something that many of us have been missing throughout the last year.  

When you are considering how you can experience a luxury break away internationally following the easing of lockdown restrictions, there are plenty of options available to you. For the most part, when you consider a luxury holiday, heading to the Alps and other related places springs to mind; what better way to explore the great outdoors in a luxurious way than heading to the stunning slopes? 

Before heading off, you must consider your abilities as a skier and what routes would suit you and other members of your party. Piste Pro provides prospective skiers with the most up to date piste maps and skiing information. For example, those heading to the popular ski area of Paradiski can take a look at the La Plagne piste map, to determine where abouts to stay.  

While these are but some of the ways that you can enjoy the great outdoors in a luxurious way, we hope that they have provided some inspiration to you! One thing we can be sure of, this summer is going to be one of the best ones yet!