Over the fair share of weddings that we have witnessed in the last few years, there have been a lot of trends that have been overused, trends that are traditional and classic, and the latest Instagram/Pinterest trends that are all the rave. But how can you make the wedding unforgettable and unique by wowing your guests?

Altering little details can transform the wedding. Signing a prenup is one of the few things you can plan before the wedding. Look up online if you want to learn in-depth about what a prenup is. Altering little details can transform the day. Here are a few ideas that will create a wow factor for guests.

Enhance The Music

You can bring in acapella choir for your luxury wedding, seating them in the outer aisles or seated scatters among the guests. This way, the entire venue will be enveloped in sweet music as they perform the chosen songs throughout the ceremony. Having them seated among the guests will also make it interactive for the guests.

Amp Up The Wedding Favours

If you want your wedding to be truly memorable for your guests, you can gift each of them a present waiting for them at their seat at the table. This is a unique way to show that you value their presence at your reception and you are happy that they are there. The gift does not have to be extravagant. Just a small token of your appreciation will leave a lasting pleasant memory for your guests.

Have A Lounge For The Ladies At The Reception

You can arrange for your lady guests to rest their feet and touch up their make-up before they re-join the dance floor. A unique way to do this would be by setting up a luxurious tent with lounge furniture. Other things you can include in the ladies’ lounge can be items they will require to freshen themselves up but are not carrying on them, such as a manicure kit, options for perfumes, or moleskin padding to make the shoes more comfortable.

The last item will be a sure hit, especially with all the dancing at your luxurious wedding reception. You can also create a lounge for the men to smoke their cigars or drink their whiskey in. A whiskey decanter or a specialty cigar cutter can make the lounge look and feel more luxurious.

Go Crazy With The Flowers

Using different arrangements in different parts of the venue allows you to go over the top with flowers to give the whole event a luxurious look. You can create the visual of flowers raining down on the guests by hanging flowers from the ceiling of the ceremony area. You can also have flowers hanging from above and pair them with flowers on the estate table. You can also erect greenery or floral backdrop for the cake table or the entire ceremony.

Add Little Details To The Design

Most people focus on the dimension and height of the tables capes and décor of the reception. But you can give your wedding ceremony a luxurious touch by adding attention-grabbing showstoppers to the ceremony. If you are a fan of Japanese Cherry Blossoms that are full grown, you can add one in the middle of the seating to make your wedding ceremony look more luxurious. This can set the tone a notch higher before the guests get to see the reception.

Add Interesting Entertainment Ideas

There are quite a few ways to keep your guests entertained. One way is to have a live painter capture the wedding ceremony and paint portraits of guests. Your guests will have a marvellous time posing for the live portrait or watching other guests get painted. It is a great keepsake from the event.

Summing Up

There are so many ways you can make your guests wow, and our picks for the top luxurious ways are sure to be a success at your event. Try them out, and it is guaranteed that your guests will talk about your wedding reception for years to come whenever they refer to the best luxurious wedding they attended.