bride and groom sitting in a fairytale looking carriage

Weddings are magical, but if you want that true fairy-tale feeling, a little bit more is needed. You deserve to feel like royalty for the day, a true princess stepping out of a book. Making your wedding extra special with a fairy tale theme involves magic, wonder, mystery – and even a little bit of sparkle.

Here, we will explore some of the best ways to plan the perfect fairy tale wedding.



It all starts with the invites. Making sure your guests feel like royalty is the first way to get a fairy tale wedding started. We aren’t recommending sending a trumpet fanfare and announcer to each household unless that is something you are looking for, but making sure your invites and save-the-dates are magical can start the wedding off the right way.

Consider getting a crest designed for your household. If you are changing your name, this is a great way to see your new surname in action. This crest can add a touch of royalty without being overly expensive. Equally, we recommend designing your invites with your fairy-tale theme in mind. Try parchment paper-style designs or ask a calligrapher to write them for you to introduce an added touch of formality.



Where you host your wedding can dramatically change the theme, and no fairy tale is complete without the castle. Choosing a castle wedding venue can make the day and your photos much more magical. From real turrets and castle décor to wide gardens and history, a castle offers more than just a backdrop.

From room for a beautiful castle garden ceremony to a reception backlit with stunning architectural windows, castles have a rustic fairy-tale theme that cannot be matched.


Flora and Fauna

Fairy tales are filled with flora and fauna, so adding a touch of the outside into your wedding is a fantastic way to increase the wonder factor. You can focus centrepieces on an enchanted garden theme, bringing in a variety of plants which overspill and fill your venue.

Ceremonial arches can also add a touch of magic to your wedding. Saying the special “I do’s” under a cascade of roses, baby’s breath, and ivy is a beautiful way to do it. You can even tie your colour scheme into the flowers you choose, focusing on pastel themes and deep greens.

Adding flowers to your wedding cake and transportation can even tie this theme into each part of your wedding – making the whole day and evening as coherent as possible.

Our pets are a big part of our lives, and tying them in could be a great way to celebrate the big day in a magical way. Consider making your dog the ring-bearer, for example. You can also include releasing doves at your ceremony. Not only is this a tradition which symbolises love and harmony, but it can also provide a wonder-filled spectacle.


… and Merryweather

And the weather could even make a difference to your magical wedding. Consider choosing a date in winter to add to the atmosphere of your day. The shortened daytime will make the event feel more intimate and cosier. Consider choosing a venue with a large fireplace or splashing out on a bonfire to make the evening shine.

Hopefully, it will snow, and you can have the perfect winter wonderland, a fairy tale wedding.



Just as most fairy tale royalty travel, a horse-drawn carriage might be the perfect transportation for your wedding. Imagine travelling up the long road to a castle, arriving in style with a carriage, driver, and even footmen.

If horses aren’t your style, then arrive like royalty with your own chauffeur in a car of your choosing to add an extra special touch to the day.


Make a royal statement with your bridal dress

As for what to wear, well, every fairy tale needs a princess, and your wedding should be a day when extra attention is spent on you. You should make a statement as soon as you walk into the room.

As with all royalty, tiaras are a spectacular addition to any bridal gown. And bridal tiaras are becoming more popular and widely available. With designs ranging from small floral bands to fully bejewelled tiara moments, you can have your pick.

Consider pairing this with a church-length veil to make a statement.


Escape in style

Leaving the venue should be as magical as arriving, and your guests can have a hand in this wonder-filled moment.

Packets of dried flower petals could be used as confetti to add a floral theme to your exit. Not only will this continue the beautiful garden theme you have incorporated earlier, but these will add a splash of colour as they land on you and your partner.

Bubbles are another option for your exit, as guests could blow these above your head. These will catch the light as they fall, adding a sparkling element to your wedding. Or, if you are leaving a late-night reception, you could consider sparklers and a firework display to surprise your guests and leave the wedding on a bright note.

Finding love can seem like a fairy tale, and what is a better way to celebrate that than focusing your wedding on that feeling? From enchanted décor to historic venues and family crests, or adding an element of royal fashion, make your day seem like it has jumped straight from a book.