Fashion Styles

Have you ever felt like you’re at loss, not knowing what would be the appropriate thing to wear for a certain occasion? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. There are some outfits that are suitable for multiple occasions, but there are times when you need a specific style that can only be worn at certain events. It’s not like there’s fashion police, but sometimes it feels like you choose the wrong outfit and the imaginary fashion cops are coming to arrest you.

What we have here are some extremely handy tips to easily choose the right wear for important occasions in your life. Read on, and you’ll become an expert.


Family Dinner Outfit Tips

One of the events we get super nervous about is family gatherings. Relatives are sometimes the ones who judge you the most. Every family has a couple of mean aunts that will eye you from head to toe, criticizing what you’re wearing and your attitude. Who cares about what they think, right? True, but it’s different when you’re absolutely confident that what you’re wearing is perfect.

The key to this occasion is to keep it casual, but not too crazy. Sometimes a simple, plain T-shirt and jeans work like a charm. If you want to add a little polish to your look, you can wear a colorful top instead of a plain Tee. Don’t wear a top that’s too revealing, and torn jeans will make those aunts judge you as you’ve never been judged before. Your grandparents may accuse you of being too soppy too, so keep those hip, torn pants when you’re hanging out with your friends or any other casual occasion. Another great option is a day dress or a colorful skirt. Families tend to love it when they see women wearing something classic and feminine. 

For men, a casual shirt and jeans, or any denims will do. A Tee with a collar would also look amazingly chic and simple. If it’s chilly, you can wear a plain sweater on top of a shirt to show off its collar.


Dress to Impress Your Ex

Yes, these are legitimate occurrences and many of us have been there. Most of us want to prove to our exes that they made a huge mistake breaking up with us. Many of us keep wondering will my ex come back and heal my broken heart? Believe it or not, your beautiful smile and anything that makes you feel comfortable wearing is how you get them to want you back. One important thing you need to keep in mind is that you should never show them you’re doing this to get them back. The key to making an ex beg you to get back together with them is by being your best self, which is why you want to avoid overdressing. This is why it’s best to wear what you normally wear every day, but with a tiny bit of something extra, like simple accessories for women, and maybe a nice shave for men.


Look Dazzling at a Work Party

Work parties are pretty cool because you get to express a part of yourself that your workmates didn’t get the chance to see. Depending on the time of day and location of the party, you can determine what style to wear. If it’s during the day, smart-casual is your perfect go-to. Jeans and a casual blouse or a slim-fit shirt and heels or flats will make you look stunning. For men, a slim-fit shirt and jeans are an excellent fit perfectly, but maybe avoid sneakers. If it’s a bit chilly, a blazer is just what you need for the perfect look.

If it’s an evening party and at a formal place, then men should choose a suit and a tie, and women should go for a party gown. You should keep in mind though that the dress shouldn’t be too revealing; keep those for wedding parties or other evening or night parties that aren’t work-related.

It’s important to feel that you’re happy with what you wear and feel like yourself. Whatever the occasion is, choosing an outfit that compliments your body shape and doesn’t contradict your amazing personality is what you should go for. You can also use the occasion as an excuse to try something new that you always wanted to try, but weren’t sure about. Don’t give much thought to what people will say about you, because here’s a fact: they will always have something to say, and it won’t always be positive, but that’s their issue. You are the person you should be pleasing, whatever the occasion is.