Whether you live in a Mcmansion, an opulent penthouse, or a small studio apartment, there is always room for art.

Lining your walls with tastefully appointed artworks can brighten, enliven, and add much needed charm to even the most mundane living spaces. In fact, there are a number of subreddits and Pinterest boards, particularly focused on creating cosy spaces with the perfect use of artworks and colour schemes.

Designing a studio apartment has always been a tricky proposition, after all, there is only so much you can do with 400 to 600 square feet of space, while fitting in a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom in the same space.

With a bit of effort, creative inspiration, and money to spare, however, you can fundamentally transform the space where you are likely to spend a better part of your day. Wall arts, of course, can play a crucial role in this regard, if you can follow the tips and practices we’ve discussed below.

Define Your Palette

The artwork or wall art that you install in your apartment isn’t an element all by itself, if anything, it should be an element that ties together other aspects of the décor.

It is thus crucial to define a palette, colour scheme, and tone, while ensuring that all of your installations and décor elements remain in cohesion with each other.

You can go with a bold shade with contrasting colours, but other fixtures in your interiors should follow the same, and cannot maintain neutral tones. Without the right planning in this regard, individual aspects start to stick out like a sore thumb, affecting the overall look and feel of the place.

Don’t Go Overboard

Sometimes going overboard with your art collections can make your space look more cramped and cluttered, than classy or elegant. This is especially true for studio apartments, where too many things in one place quickly start to look chaotic and unorganized.

With the right spacing, and minimal set of fixtures, you can make even small spaces look infinitely more spacious and comfy, but by just adding things together, you achieve the exact opposite of that.

When featuring wall art in your studio apartment, it is essential that you let the art work stand out and attract attention to itself, which will not be possible if the floor is riddled with other widgets, trinkets, and artifacts.

Go For A Large Artwork

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, a large piece of artwork is likely to better serve your small apartment compared to an array of smaller paintings.

A larger piece is unmissable and attracts all of the attention, instead of getting lost among an array of different paintings. At the same time, it is also easier to ensure that it perfectly matches the broader tone, palette, and colour schemes of your apartment, when compared to multiple pieces of artwork.

There are a lot of hurdles that come with large pieces of artwork, most of which pertain to moving them safely when the time comes. However, if you are truly committed, this shouldn’t hold you back, especially given the number of companies that specialize in securely moving expensive paintings.

There are services 9Kilo Moving, that are a go-to-option for long-distance moving research, especially for unique requirements.

Final Words

It is often believed that there is no such thing as small or large places in interior design, and with the right heart and approach, an apartment of any size can have a palatial look, that engages, inspires, and captivates guests and residents alike.