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JHP Recruitment: Veterinary Recruitment Company of the Year 2020 - UK

Finding a person with the right fit for a company is absolutely paramount for success. In veterinary circles, this is doubly important. The team at JHP Recruitment are dedicated to finding a person who will meet the high standards they not only expect, but deserve. In the light of their incredible success, we take a closer look at the firm to see just how they’ve done it.

JHP Recruitment is going places. For the veterinary industry in the UK and the USA, it’s a lifeline. For those who practice in the industry, it’s a hit. Comprising a team that is not only experienced in recruitment but intimately aware of the specific demands of the veterinary profession. To some, a recruitment company might seem like an unnecessary expense, but they are the people who ensure that the best candidates make it to the right place to look after your animal pals.

The secret of JHP Recruitment has been to make sure that the team don’t just act as a CV sending service. They use their unique powers of discretion to ensure that beyond the skillset that a client is looking for, each candidate is someone who will fit in neatly with an established team and company ethos. As the team provide both locum and permanent candidates to companies, it’s important that they obtain all the information possible on a candidate and their history.

Because of the team’s clear thoroughness, they have managed to attain an impressive reputation, and maintaining that reputation means that standards must be kept scrupulously high. A major part of this reputation has come from the team’s commitment to keeping clients and candidates happy, with their customer service record unmatched throughout the industry. This is most clearly shown through the repeat business and referrals that the firm is able to benefit from.

JHP recruitment

The challenges facing the firm have grown in the last few years, with a lack of qualified vets and veterinary nurses available in the UK. While more and more vets are making their way from Europe to assist, it’s clear that something needs to be done in the country itself that will have an impact in the long term. JHP Recruitment is committed to assisting as much as it can, holding talks and webinars at vet schools across the country that are designed to help students find their place in the veterinary industry.

As the business has grown more successful, more people have come to work alongside the talented team who make it all possible. Now JHP Recruitment has two consultants to its name who have spent six years working at the frontline of the veterinary profession. A great deal of passion for the work that they do has paid off enormously for the team, with many considering their work to be of the highest possible standard.

At the end of 2019, the company expanded into the USA, and the future aim of the business is to grow this side of the business substantially. This is not to say that the UK arm of JHP Recruitment will wither, as the team want to explore the work that is available in non-clinical roles. Having encountered success already, JHP Recruitment is on the lookout for firms in the pharmaceutical and nutrition sectors to assist.

Alongside their entrepreneurial prowess is a passion for the community and JHP Recruitment play a major part in their local area, assisting the charity VetLife, who do fantastic work with people in the veterinary sector who need help of any sort. They also sponsor a local jockey, Millie Wonnacott alongside a local boxer, a children’s football team, a men’s football team and a netball team.

Company: JHP Recruitment
Contact: Justin Powlesland
Web Address: www.jhprecruitment.com