Making a Measurable Impact

Gradient Experiential is an award-winning, global, integrated experiential and digital agency. The teams are comprised of strategists and creative thinkers, producers and digital specialists. Recently, we profiled the firm and spoke to Managing Partner, Pauline Oudin to discover more about the innovative solutions they provide.

Since 2010, New York City is Gradient Experiential’s base, and Los Angeles their second home. The firm believes in the personalities of brands, brought to life through experiences, on and offline. They conceptualise brand platforms with leverageable content plans that they strategically amplify for measurable ROI.

At Gradient Experiential, the agency provides three types of services for their clients, which are:

Experiential Marketing: where they connect brands and people with the most powerful tool out there – emotion. They spark conversations and create amazing experiences that set a brand apart from others within their industry.

Design & Production: from big reveals down to the smallest detail, the team at Gradient Experiential have produced it all. But no matter the medium, the goal is always the same: build it to connect, and make sure people feel it.

Integrated Digital: not only do the team build it, they amplify it. Brands need the type of amplification that engages their target consumer in new ways. Gradient Experiential’s in-house digital strategy amplification team seamlessly enhance experiences and clearly show results.

Gradient Experiential keeps their creative teams on their toes by working across a range of industries, ranging from luxury to spirits, beauty and automotive, fashion and technology with a healthy dose of cause and nonprofits. Going into further detail about the firm, Pauline explained to us how the team at Gradient Experiential ensures that they provide the best possible service to their clients.

“Here at Gradient Experiential, we are all about the results, however the journey matters too. As powerful as a creative idea can be, the final execution is essential for success. As refined as an experience can be, it only matters if the targets are hit. And as perfect as the case study looks, it is only a true success if the path was clear and collaborative. We believe in growing our client, partner and vendor relationships by creating great success stories together and enjoying the journey together. Our client services team ensure that clients get as stress-free of an agency experience as possible.”

As for the internal culture at the firm, Pauline is keen to touch on how each member of the team is fully aware of Gradient Experiential’s aims and how they behave accordingly.
“As our URL address implies, our agency is very focused on collaborative effort. We have no room for oversized egos or power trips. An experience is never a one-man-show. It comes from talented and creative people coming together, building upon each other’s ideas, pulling and pushing on the budget until the best possible outcome is crystallised. And that requires client inclusion in those key conversations, so they are part of this journey. From the initial brainstorming, through the creative process, the collaborative production development and the troubleshooting onsite, every step of our well-honed processes reinforce collaboration. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Gradient Experiential and Little Arrows, the Los Angeles based social and digital agency, are excited to finalize their coming merger. Little Arrows is becoming Gradient Digital, augmenting Gradient Experiential’s expertise and jointly becoming Gradient Group.

Pauline, signs off by highlighting the strategic benefit of the merger: “Experiential Marketing is gaining traction as a key marketing strategy. This creative approach becomes a mass communication strategy with quantifiable metrics when coupled with social amplification. That’s why our merger is such a perfect fit.”

Marci Ikeler, CEO of Little Arrows, echoes Oudin’s sentiments. “Our expertise in social media, digital strategy, aspirational content, and paid media complement Gradient’s strategic marketing experiences. Working together will provide us with the resources to better service our existing clients as well as create space for new tactics and exciting future opportunities.”

The merger is set for the end of 2018, creating a joint team of over 50 employees who will continue to work from Gradient Experiential’s New York and Los Angeles Offices. Marci Ikeler will take on the role of Partner and Director of Gradient Digital.

Together, Gradient Group will continue to service joint clients such as Lincoln, Estée Lauder and Paramount. Each department will continue to support their individual clients, such as L’Oreal and Beam Suntory for Gradient Experiential and Piper-Heidsieck, Terlato Vineyards, and other wine and beauty clients for Gradient Digital.

Contact: Pauline Oudin
Company: Gradient Experiential
Address: 150 West 28th street, New York, 10001, New York
Telephone: 212 997 9742