Pops of colour

Making Mexican Masterpieces

Known for her playful use of acrylics to create breath-takingly bold and hypnotic works of art, Marcela Solana is an up-and-coming artist from Mexico with a matchless passion and love of colour. Expertly combining an array of aesthetics and techniques, Marcela’s work is truly outstanding. Following her global success, we caught up with Marcela to learn more about what drives her, and how her love for art became a global sensation.

Having worked alongside and featured in some of the world’s most prestigious publications, Marcela Solana is a name that may not be immediately familiar, but absolutely should be. With her clientele including British GQ, The World of Interiors UK, House and Garden Magazine, and House of Coco amongst others, Marcela’s work has been sought after all over the world, from the United Kingdom to Peru. During our interview, Marcela talked about herself as an artist and how her work becomes reality.

“As an artist, I love creating unique artworks, but when it comes to commissioned art I am always allowing my clients to share all their needs for the specific painting. Those commissions are usually very special to them which is why I always work very hard on meeting my clients’ requests whilst having the freedom as an artist to portray what they are wishing for; at the end of the day, I always look forward to a happy and satisfied client.”

London skyline piece
Marcela's London Skyline Artwork

Marcela’s journey towards artistry stardom began with her decision to major in Design at university in her hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico. From there, she began to paint back in 2014 whilst working as a designer. However, it wasn’t until 2018 when her artistry career took off with meteoric and unprecedented levels of success.

When a friend mentioned in passing that they wanted a tattoo of a rhino, Marcela took it upon herself to attempt a design. After posting it on social media, the calls for her to expand into being an artist grew louder until she could no longer resist. From there, her story of success is one that continued to grow from strength to strength in joyous fashion. Marcela talked us through her entry in the art world.

“The response and feedback to my artworks whether National or International has been extraordinary. I entered a world I knew nothing about. I majored in Design but never thought I’d be painting for a living until I realized the demand was bigger than anything and so I had to focus solely on Art. I have been doing this all by myself, trying to learn, to do networking and connect wherever I go and whenever I can. Taking risks and losing the fear to achieve the unimaginable.”

Every piece of Marcela’s work in handcrafted with the utmost love, care and attention to detail. Daring to be different and outstanding, her artwork brings life, light and vibrancy to the everyday. Bright colours and bold strokes bring a level of excitement to even the most everyday of objects. The geometry is simply mesmerising, shapes fitting into one another to form the most intricate and beautiful patterns. Ingenious and inspiring, Marcela’s work instils an admiration for the beauty of the everyday, seeking it where it may not always be immediately found. With a collection that also includes animals, city skylines, and superhero logos to name but a few, her work is as varied as it is stunning.

But for Marcela, her work is not just for her. As the interview came to a close, she shared with us the reasons behind her passion for art and why she continues to create such beautifully-bold and inspiring pieces.

“Everything I create, I do it to share with the world. There is nothing more gratifying than the feeling of having people connect and enjoy my artworks; their expressions and reactions are an immense source of inspiration. My mission is that each piece of art gives you an escape from the problems and difficulties of daily life. That at least for a moment, you find a ray of light, peace, and colour in your life. If I can bring you at least one smile, that means everything to me. What breaks my heart the most is to see a world filled with hatred and pain. The world needs more light, more colour, and more love in every way.”

With an incredibly exciting 2020 on the horizon for Marcela, with her work continuing to be the beacon of light, peace and colour that she strives for. As she remains unique in her risk-taking and confident in her own work, Marcela will stand out amongst the myriad of competition around her.

See more on Marcela’s website: www.marcelasolana.com and her Instagram: @marcelasolana.art